Hold Tight London Vol 15 - Dendridic Flux


Hold Tight Henry dropping the visual hammers once again with the latest Hold Tight London instalment along with Theobalds Cap Co, titled Dendridic Flux.


Kicking off the edit with Michael Gambon's Facts of Life monologue from Layer Cake, then going straight into a Foreign Beggers track is fucking class. Man, I haven't heard Foreign Beggers in ages. But I guess I should have expected it in an edit from Hold Tight Henry.

Key bits in Dendridic Flux include Jeremy Jones quick footedness, a line from Jasper King-Harmen (haven't see anything from him in years!), the self props of Ashura Parchment, a mind melter of a trick from Skate Cafe's Harry Ogilive and a soundtrack including Kate Tempest and Radiohead. Powerful stuff.

Get that kettle boiled and sit down and watch 20 minutes of proper London street skating from likes of Theobalds riders Kyle Wilson, Josh Arnott, Jeremy Jones Cam Barr, and someone who I've never seen before, but absolutely kills it, Joel Banner. Definitely one to keep an eye out for in future.

Other heads in the video include Jin Shimizu, Tommy May, Jason Caines, David Yap, Tom Fox, Elliot Wright, and many, many more.

Keep your eyes open for new stuff from Theobalds dropping in the store very soon!

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