Theobalds Present Athletics


Athletics; the newest visual treat from Theobalds Cap Co. Made by Hold Tight Henry and starring Jeremy Jones, Jake Bidmead, Joel Banner, Kyle Wilson, Cam Barr and host of other LDN heads.

Theobalds Cap Co. presents ATHLETICS from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.

Theobalds latest video, titled Athletics takes a look at the current state of skateboarding being included in the 2020 Olympics. Exploring 'the relationship between skateboarding in it's many forms and it's supposed antithesis in organised sport'. I must admit, I'm quite excited to see how the Olympics will try to tackle skating. Skateboarders can't even turn up on time to go skating.

Anyway, the video's got some classic Hold Tight Henry camera work and editing. Plus, I've always wanted someone to use White Noise in video. So good work there Henry.

If you wanna help Unlock the Undercroft by donating the well worthy cause, head over to now.

The Theobalds Athletics pack will be available in-store and online v. soon.

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