The Week Today, Now - 31/01/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including 4PLY diving deep into the data of Quartersnacks' Top 10, Austyn Gillette speaks to Silas and Castrucci about his new role at Globe, and an all-new griptape company with a heavy line-up of legends.

Henry Gibbs Backside Noseblunt, shot by James Griffiths - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Henry Gibbs backside noseblunt, shot by James Griffiths.

Henry Gibbs shows off his eye for spots in his bangin’ new part for Grey, filmed by Louis Marschall. Split between the UK and his new home in Vienna with a sprinkling of Paris clips for good measure, Henry hunts out weird and wonderful spots and pieces together high-speed lines, before ending it with a hectic ride-on grind.

‘Trinity Land Mass’ is the latest offering from Bristol’s trendiest brand, Interceptor. Featuring Ryan Vien, Sam Nobbs, Dylan Wilks, Lucas Castellano, and Pete Gronau alongside cameos from your favourite Bristolian legends as they lay waste to the streets of London and Bristol. With raw street skating, a bangin’ soundtrack, and strong homie vibes, the video feels like the UK’s answer to the current generation of trendy, lo-fi New York skating, and we're backing it.

Brayden Slezak, AKA Sleezmon, has come through with a bangin' new London-based video featuring a heavy-hitting lineup of UK legends, including Harry Lintell, Charlie Munro, Barney Page, and Dougie George. There's a heavy presence of Butter's Santosuosso jeans too.

Didrik Galasso flaunts his flawless flick - and impressive selection of trou and jorts, including Poetic Collective's 'Painter' pant in light denim - in his new part, 'Deedz Deedz Deedz'.

Raw footage of Italian stallion, Jacopo Carozzi, blasting round Milan from his pro part for Baker is the perfect way to get yourself hyped up to brave the harsh Welsh winter, with almost 8 solid minutes of tech hammers being forcefully stomped by Milano Centrale’s finest.

Skateboarding's most handsome man, Austyn Gillette, has a new video on Free Skate Mag done by fellow Habitat legends Silas Baxter-Neal and Joe Castrucci. Have a read to find out about what Austyn's been up to including his role in the major Globe rebrand, and what it's like being team manager instead of being 'team managed'.

Austyn Gillette Frontside Bluntslide 270, shot by Alex Papke - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Austyn Gillette frontside bluntslide 270, shot by Alex Papke.

‘BMG Shawty’ packs 11 solid minutes of footage out of Marseille that’s guaranteed to make you want to book a flight there immediately. Featuring France’s most productive man, Victor Campillo - as if he hasn’t already released a lifetime’s worth of footy in the last 12 months - alongside Ben Raitano, Tony Rafanomezana, Valentin Verd and Booloo. Another excellent offering from Marseille, solidifying the city's position as one of France’s finest skate destinations.

The legends over at 4PLY Mag have crunched the numbers from all of Quartersnacks’ ‘Top 10’s’ from the last year, breaking down the facts and figures on who had the most appearances, what the most common tricks and obstacles were, and more. This one’s for the nerds.

A new full part from Aidan Mackey was definitely an unexpected treat. As to be expected it’s jam-packed with high-speed manuals, sketchy drop-ins and ride-on grinds, and some hectic pole jams alongside appearances from some of his fellow FA/Hockey/Supreme brethren.

Una Farrar, AKA Lil Tubsy, has a new full part out for Mess Skate Mag after scoring the cover for the first issue. Safe to say Canada’s home to some of the finest ladies in skating right now.

The Politic crew navigate dingy back alleys and crusty industrial spots in their new video, ‘Blew By You’. It’s worth watching for the Danny Renaud footage alone, but Japhey Dow’s section at the end is the icing on the cake.

A new griptape company have thrown their hat in the ring. Pepper Grip teased their release with a very brief Evan Smith clip before listing their extremely heavy lineup, boasting countless legends including Cyrus Bennett, Andrew Allen, Raven Tershy, Nick Boserio, Max Palmer, and of course Evan Smith.

Piilgrim have blessed us with a remix of Jeremy Jones footage, the man with the fastest feet since Mumbles the penguin. A serious treat for your eyeholes.

WKND’s Shintaro Hongo takes us on a tour of Yokosuka’s most obscure spots in ‘Ytown Cruisin’. The video's brimming with creativity, both in the trick selection and in the use of shoe goo to attach the fisheye to the camera.

It's safe to say that Japanese skating and night footage go hand-in-hand, like Nyjah and terrible outfits, and Ugly Weapon's latest video 'Street Weapon V.3' is no exception. After Kenta Okamoto's 'Peace n Love v.3' from a couple of weeks ago, it seems naming videos in volumes is the current meta in Japan.

After some of the parts made their way online over the last couple of months, Jake Martinelli’s third instalment in the ‘Rugged Raw’ series is now available to watch in full over on Vague, with some bangin’ animations and full parts from Josh Cox, Jak Pietryga, Joe Sivell, and more.

National Skateboard Co’s Polish powerhouse, Michał Juraś, is the latest addition to the Converse CONS team, blessing the world with a minute of new footage to celebrate.

If Chris Milic and Gifted Hater have ignited a passionate flame within your bosom for bespectacled skaters who could definitely batter you on Smash Bros, then Cooper Winterson’s ‘Shepherd’ part for Krux Trucks is gonna be right up your street. Not sure about that fit with the shorts over leggings though, save that shit for Nyjah or the Tour de France.

Another new offering from Krux, Justis Walton’s ‘Life Coupon’ part is everything you expect from someone who skates for Fancy Lad and Krux.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest products from your favourite skate brands. Safe.

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