The Week Today, Now - 27/03/2023

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Chris Jones in Japan, Curren Caples in the streets and Austyn Gillette in baggy jeans.

Curren Caples Rooftop Kickflip, shot by Alex Papke - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Curren Caples in the Danger Zone, shot by Alex Papke.

I may not have believed you if you told me I'd give a shit about a new Curren Caples part but, fair play, his new Vans part is pretty darn good, even if it does suffer under the current trend of boring titles. Pretty wholesome seeing the Louie Lopez guest tricks too; would love to a shared part from these two all grown up.

'Samurai SafarII' features next level spot-hunting from Jacopo Carrozzi and his Italian homies who delved deep into Google Maps during lockdown in search of untouched gems from Milan to Puglia, covering everything from pristine beachside spots to dirty old ditches, and they even managed to score a Wade Desarmo cameo.

You probably never knew you needed to see a young, G'd-up Austyn Gillette laying down tech hammers in saggy clothes with minimal arm movement, but thanks to the latest 'Memory Lapse' clip from the Sovereign Sect archives you can fill this gaping hole in your psyche. 

Finnish powerhouse, Eniz Fazliov, is back with another mind-boggling new part packed with everything from ledge tech to monstrous rails and banks. There's a reason he's one of the only people to receive a Memory Screen edit before his career was even over; the bloke just cannot be stopped.

Eniz Fazliov Backside 5050 Grind for Free Skate Mag Cover, photo by Justus Hirvi - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Eniz bagged his third Free cover with this hefty back 50, shot by Justus Hirvi.

New Microbrew edit out of Bryggeriet, this time focussing on the vertical dimension with stylish editing and stunts supplied by Thomas Kring, Rune Glifberg, Viktor Solmunde, David Ahlqvist, Axel Berggren and more.

Aussies in Copenhagen sounds like a recipe for a good time and Geoff Campbell's new edit doesn't disappoint with some of the Southern Hemispheres most stylish like Simon Zuzic, Jason Rainbird, Noah Nayef, Jack O'Grady and Rowan Davis at iconic Danish destinations.

The good content from 'LENZ III' just keeps on coming and this week we've been given a glimpse of the international friends section which features countless well-known tourists living it up in Japan, including Mark Suciu, Casey Foley, Ben Koppl and even Welsh legend, Chris Jones! 

Start your week off the right way with the new Homies Network video, 'second to last', featuring all your favourites like Kyota Umeki, Coles Bailey, Troy Gipson and the rest of the gang producing vibrations that will most certainly make you want to go skate. 

Jacopo Carozzi Kickflip from Samurai SafarII, photo by Chris Pfanner - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Jacopo Carozzi with a hefty kickflip from 'Samurai SafarII', shot by Chris Pfanner.

One for the history nerds: Slam City have posted up Jacob Sawyer's interview with legendary UK skate historian Neil Macdonald, AKA @scienceversuslife, in which he discusses his upcoming book, 'Elsewhere'. Good shit!

Very enjoyable Lloyds-based tomfoolery in Arthur Myhill's latest edit, featuring a solid assortment of characters like Bear Myles, Gill Amos, Mike Arnold, Dougie George and loads of furries. Sound on for this one.

Very lovely edit from Luka Pinto's trip to London last year featuring a load of Baglady-adjacent heads like Davide Holzknecht, Tom Delion and even some lovely clips of our mate the Bastard. Yes Nick!

Another banger featuring some of the Homies Network crew, Tanner Diamond's 'Pieced' is textbook VX goodness with more than a hint of OG Alien Workshop influence.

Eetu Toropainen skating a car park? You bastard, I'm in!

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