The Week Today, Now - 24/07/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including another skate history lesson from Feedback Ted, Alltimers in Colombia and 15 minutes of Jack Branch raw footy courtesy of Papa Mio. 

Salomon Cardenas Backside Smith Grind, photo by Joel Meinholz - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Salomon Cardenas throwing some serious shapes with this Colombian back smith, shot by Jeol Meinholz.

The already impeccable Sci-Fi Fantasy team has just got even better after welcoming Corey Glick into the fold. Didn't really see this coming but Corey kills it and it's nice to see him skating for a brand that matches his tasteful trick selection.

Join the Girl squad as they make they venture Down Under to hit up with their newest pro, Rowan Davis, for their 'OntourOz' tour, featuring Rick McCrank, Simon Bannerot, Griffin Gass, Niels Bennett and the rest of the gang hitting up the finest spots Australia has to offer. Some proper nostalgic tour video vibes in this one.

All-terrain savagery from Arthur Ribeiro in his new 'Obnoxius' part, packed with everything from street transition to bonkers manuals and even an insane NBD Kilty McBagpipe variation, all served up with immaculate steeze. What the fuck are they feeding these Brazilians?

Scandi power couple, Bjarne Tjøtta and Gabriel Bjørsvik, are back with another bangin' video filmed by Pekka, once again combining their very complimentary style. And no, you're not having deja vu, they did release a very similar video called 'Gabriel og Bjarne' last year.

Bjarne Tjøtta Backside 180 Switch Frontside Crooked Grind, photo by Samuel Ashley - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Bjarne Tjøtta back 180 switch front crook, shot by Sam Ashley

Papa Mio has treated us to some tasty leftovers from their recent full-length with a load of bangin' raw footage of our CSC SOTY, Jack Branch. Pretty sure Ped was in my dream last night, can't really remember what he was up to but not even my wildest dreams could compare to 15 minutes of raw Jack Branch footy.

Whole lotta good shit in the new 'Alltimers in Colombia' video with non-stop bangers from all your faves including Etienne Gagne, Zered Bassett, Will Marshall, Elijah Odom, Salomon Cardenas and the rest of the lads.

Join the Wasted Paris crew as they hit up some of the finest French skate destinations including Paris, Biarritz, Bourdeaux and (my personal favourite) Marseille in their new video 'Nowhere'. That first clip just goes to show how much of a natural talent Peej has for smashing cans on his head. Shit ain't easy.

Yet another belter of a video from Chicago's Deep Dish, 'Variant' features the winning combination of hip-hop, VX footage and no-nonsense street bangers from the likes of Kyler Garrison, Brett Weinstein, Dustin Eggeling and breakout star, Tylor Horton. 

Rick McCrank Frontside Flip, photo by Bruce Sliver - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Who up McCrankin' they Rick rn? Rick McCrank frontside flipping at Rowan Davis' stomping grounds, shot by Bruce Sliver.

Nick Bastard has treated us to some archival bangers from the likes of Tom Delion, Daryl Dominguez, Dylan Hughes and more with the promise of an even bigger project on the horizon. Can't wait to see what he's got up his sleeve!

Ted Barrow is back with another episode of his new 'This Old Ledge' series, this time exploring the history behind San Francisco's infamous Hubba Hideout. Big fan of this series.

"Heavy revs brah!!!" The Homies crew are back with a fresh load of hellriding hijinx from Pittsburgh to Atlanta in the latest video from Rye Beres, featuring all the usual faces like Cody Chapman, Pedro Delfino, Roman Pabich and more.

New full-length offering from Barcelona's Al Carrer skate shop, 'Bonus' features spots from Barca to Philly with an equally international lineup including Matheus Du Bronks, Leandro Fischer, Ryuhei Kitazume, Akira Utida and many more.

Patrick Praman is PRO AF for Real Skateboards and he's celebrated in style with a seriously powerful new part. My man's eaten his Weetabix.

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