Video Daze - Precursor by Nick Richards

Dan Bunn

Stellar new offering from the lens of one of South Wales' finest, Nick Bastard's latest clip takes us on a trip down memory lane with some bangin' archival footy while simultaneously hinting he's got something even better in the pipeline. Good shit Nick!

One of South Wales finest ex-pats, Nick Richards, is back with another banger of a video, this time providing us with a glimpse into the vaults with some archival London footage filmed between 2018-2020. Featuring a solid assortment of legends, including pre-Baglady Tom Delion and Daryl Dominguez, Carlos Cardeñosa, Charlie Munro, Davide Holzknecht and even our man Dylan Hughes, 'Precursor' takes us on a comprehensive tour of London spots from the classic to the obscure.

Turbo-lej Daryl Dominguez dominates the video with a stand-out performance, taking his frenetic style to a wide variety of spots alongside Baglady teammate, Tom Delion, with a heavy emphasis on cutty brick banks. We even get treated to some snippets of other Baglady heads including Aref Koushesh and Davide Holzknecht who both bring their distinctive styles into the mix. And of course we're always grateful for fresh Dylan footy, especially when he brings out his signature move: the lesser-seen nollie inward heel front crook. Don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing that trick.

With an ominous name like 'Precursor', it's clear that Nick's getting us warmed up for something even bigger and better - either that or he's really into his 'Jak and Daxter' lore. But one thing's for certain, if the 'Precursor' is five minutes of non-stop bangers then you know the main event is gonna be absolutely MEGA. But that's not to say that 'Precursor' feels like anything less than a fully-formed edit in its own right with stylish editing, a belter soundtrack and no shortage of memorable moments - like Daryl skating a roadgap dressed as The Flash.

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