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Dan Bunn

While popular incel-fluencer Andrew Tate has found himself in a Romanian prison thanks to his pizza-based shenanigans, Papa Mio's Hardware have come through with some far less sketchy pizza-related antics to remind everyone that enjoying a slice of pie doesn't always mean you're a bald, people trafficking misogynist. Bellissimo.

Mamma Mia! Papa Mio (AKA renowned South Walian documentarist, Pedro Mayn) has been slaving away in his kitchen (AKA da streetz) perfecting his recipe for the ultimate pizza (AKA full-length banger). The Papa Mio's Video features a traditional, Neapolitan-style VX1000 base topped with some of the finest Welsh ingredients: a pinch of Welsh Tommy, a sprinkle of Alex Hurst and a healthy glug of Jack Branch's secret sauce for some of the finest flavours this side of Italia. Safe to say Papa John is absolutely shitting himself.

Jack Kirtley kicks things off to Morrissey's cover of 'Back on the chain gang' - the first of many impeccable song/skater combos - with his thoughtful creativity helping make the most of some pretty dismal spots and producing some seriously tasteful mirrored clips. I reckon if Morrissey skated it would probably look a lot like this.

Angus Pattison Crail Slash, photo by WtDx - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Angus Pattison off the top ropes, photo by WtDx.

Next up, we're treated to a slew of South Wales' finest, with parts from Conor Ratcliff, Luke James and Angus Pattison, before we receive a thorough lesson in footwork from certified OG, Welsh Tommy. It's always a pleasure seeing Tommy do his thing and the fact he's still coming up with new, mind-blowing, quick-footed combos after well over 20 years in the game is nothing short of inspirational. Switch 5-0 360 to fakie shuv? U wot m8?

Following on from this notoriously hard to follow act, we get treated to another bangin' homie montage that's absolutely rammed with legends like Jasper Clough, Will Mux, Billy Trick, Jordan Lightowler and Kevin Bilyeu... wait, what? There's even a brief Cardiff section featuring our very own Kev Barry, Sean Barnes, Don Irfan and Leo Comanescu for that sweet local angle. Blimey, this video's really got it all!

Alex Hurst Bigflip, photo by WtDx - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Alex Hurst Bigflip, photo by WtDx.

Last but definitely not least, ending the video in style we've got parts from one of Pembrokeshire's smoothest, Alex Hurst, and Time's Man of the Year 2022, Jack Branch, who both come through with some absolutely hammers. Alex is no stranger to cleaning up at our Plaza Comps but it's nice to see him taking his crispy ass kickflips into the streets, and by this point we all know Jack Branch is the GOAT so I don't think I need to say much about how bloody good his part is. Watch out Daewon, there's a new manny god in town.

Big respect to Ped and all the boys for putting this together, filming a full-length is no small feat, especially given South Wales' slight lack of spots and generally hostile weather. 2022 has been an incredible year for Welsh skating with countless videos coming out from scenes across the country (well mostly just from Jack Branch) so hopefully 2023 is just as good!

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