The Week Today, Now - 17/06/2024

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including New Balance Numeric Down Under, GX's Mason Street massacre and a double dose of local goodness.

Cato Dobbs Noseslide pop-out from High Noon, photo by Cameron Sparkes
Cato Dobbs with a high-risk noseslide pop-out, shot by Cameron Sparkes.

Will Rosenstock is back with yet another impeccable Bust Crew offering, this time featuring full parts from Pat Burke, Dylan Messer, Zander Moehling and Justin Klegka alongside appearances from the rest of the homies and all the usual tomfoolery, shenanigans and general silliness you expect from a video titled 'A World of Shit'.

Following on from their recent Euro video, 'Wake Up Massi', New Balance Numeric have headed to the other side of the globe for an equally powerful offering featuring some of their finest talent from Australia and New Zealand as Shaun Paul, Connor Reeve, Cato Dobbs and Sean Ryan showcase that Oceanic flavour in 'High Noon'.

After Alexey Krasniy's banger of a part last week, we've got another quality part from a Russian living it up in Barcelona as Evgeny Nikolaev brings similar levels of style and creativity to the streets of Catalunya in his new part for Free, backed up by some pretty hectic stories in his interview with Arthur Derrien.

Evgeny Nikolaev boardslide, photo by Gerard Riera
Evgeny Nikolaev boardsliding through the curve, shot by Gerard Riera.

Coming through with that sweet local angle, Dylan and the boys are back with another lo-fi, high-enjoyment edit, bringing those much-needed summer vibes with a load of surprisingly sunny clips some of Cardiff's finest, backed up by a very topical Smashing Pumpkins x Weezer soundtrack.

Doubling down on the local vibes, we've also been treated to a new edit from South Wales' finest Youtube skater, Mo, who's come through with a belter of a street edit, hitting up a strong selection of Cardiff's more esoteric spots with appearances from everyone's favourite Gabes.

Not quite sure how they've managed it with the weather we've been having but Sam Earl and Nick Vieweg have brought the summer vibes in their new 'Mayday' edit, featuring cursed parades, skatepark cruising and a load of mandatory Grove DIY footage filmed over just one month. 

Carolina Fantasy
Carolina Fantasy.

San Francisco's Mason Street handrail has seen a fair amount of abuse in recent years and now the GX lads have given the spot yet another thorough pasting with four and a half minutes of Jeff Carlyle, Tristan Funkhouser and Taihou Tokura laying down hammer after hammer. 

Join Gifted Hater and the Sci-Fi Fantasy squad as they embark on a quest across Carolina in the new 'Carolina Fantasy' edit from VlogMan4000, resulting in over 30 minutes of skateboard-themed brainrot complete with a dubstep soundtrack, obscure back-street spots and plenty of drunken antics.

More behind-the-scenes goodness from the lens of Davonte Jolly, this time taking us into the Thrasher van on a tour of Germany with a heavy-hitting lineup including former SOTYs like Mason Silva, Jamie Foy and Wes Kremer, international legends like Ville Wester and Jack O'Grady and countless others.

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