The Week Today, Now - 14/03/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new Kader footy, Craven going Coastal, and Josef Scott Jatta's Ali Boulala tribute.

Conor Charleson Nosegrind in Margate, photo by Henry Kingsford - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Conor Charleson in his natural habitat nosegrinding some treacherous coastal crust, shot by Henry Kingsford.

Jim Craven has come through with another bangin' video featuring Conor Charleson, Daryl Dominguez, Tom Delion, and a selection of other UK legends. This time the squad hits up a variety of UK seaside spots ranging from sea walls to crusty coastal ditches and everything in between. There's even a little Porthcawl cameo for the local angle.

The legends behind 'Lords of Butetown II' - Reid Allen, Lloyd Houston, Phil Morgan, and Lee 'Beef' Bennett - have announced an upcoming exhibition featuring their artwork. It's taking place in the shop and upstairs in Bacareto on Friday 25th March so make sure you swing by to grab a larg and peruse some lovely images.

Anyone unsatisfied with the amount of Kader footy in the new Baker vid will be pleased to hear he’s got a bangin’ new part out for the release his Adidas shoe. There’s also an interview up on Jenkem if you were wondering how much weed he smokes.

Sour and DC have teamed up for an incredible footwear collab, accompanied by a new Josef Scott Jatta part, in which he recreates Ali Boulala's 411 section scene for scene including the skits and narration. You can always count on Sour to be doing the best shit.

10 minutes of Oski with cameos from Hugo Boserup, Casper Brooker, Kyron Davis, Eetu Toropainen, and Ville Wester? And it’s filmed by Jake Harris? Say no more. There’s also an interview with Oski up on Free if you want an insight into the mind of a shark and how he managed to get away with wearing Big Boy jeans in the Olympics. Respect.

Oski Rozenberg Crail Tap in Stamford, Connecticut, photo by Elias Parise - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Oski giving sneaker heads nightmares by skating Nike 'Gundam' Dunks, photo by Elias Parise.

Lucien Parsons has come through with another banger from the other side of the bridge featuring all your favourite Bristolian legends like Bear Myles, Keen Will, Jordan Lightowler, and more. Very easy on the eyeballs.

If that ain't enough though, Yardsale have uploaded a short but sweet clip of Bear with some very enjoyable back lip wizardry.

You can also catch even more Bristol-based bangers in Tom Leigh's new video, 'An Ode To Old Times'.

More goodness out of Marseille this week in the shape of the new BMG video, ‘Balance’, featuring Victor Campillo, Valentin Verd, Theo Lapalud, and more. These boys don’t stop.

Thrasher have uploaded a bangin’ documentary about the Ukrainian skate scene, looking at some of the history of the scene, as well as some history of the country itself. Unfortunately it makes what's going on right now even more harrowing. 

Video evidence of the recent DC trip to East Anglia is now up online for your viewing pleasure, featuring Sam Pulley, Harrison Woolgar, Josh Arnott, and more. Could watch Harrison skate all day long.

Emerica have showcased their Young Emericans in the new clip, ‘Emerge’, with Matisse Banc, Jordan Powell, and Braden Hoban showing us all how it’s done. Nice to see Emerica bringing in some new talent.

Jordan Powell from Emerica Emerge Video, photo by Kyle Seidler - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Jordan Powell demonstrating proper form in Emerica's Emerge video, shot by Kyle Seidler.

After flicking between shoe sponsors for a while, John Dilorenzo has found a new home on Bryan Herman's new company, Hours Is Yours, resulting in a minute of lovely new footage. Hopefully he's found his forever home this time.

Strong homie vibes and plenty of crusty UK 'crete in The Gris Gris' new clip, 'Noahctually', with hammers supplied by various legends including Sox, Jordan Thackeray, and Dean Greensmith.

Have a wee peek into the Glaswegian scene courtesy of Finn Rabbitt Dove’s new video, ‘Solid State’, with some excellent use of back-street Scottish crust.

Plenty of powerful manoeuvres in Mikey Guzman’s latest clip,‘TWENTY FIRST’, featuring the likes of Randy Navarro, Ducky Kovacs, Kevin Braun, and more. Still trying to wrap my head around that first manny clip.

Stylish Aussie movements and enviable spot selection in 'The Rob and Jun Show', the new clip from Private Joy. 

Witness New Zealand plaza destruction in 'Skunk 8', the new clip from Shane Smith.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes, and more, and buy now from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest skateboard news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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