The Week Today, Now - 13/12/2021

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new Toy Machine, the return of Theories of Atlantis, and like a million scene videos.

Dale Starkie poses with his photo on the cover of the newest Vague mag

Photo: Dale Starkie blesses the cover of Vague with a hectic ollie into a rooftop bank.

Big congrats to Mark Suciu on winning Thrasher’s Skater of the Year award. Safe to say Mark put in the work this year and it’s nice to see it’s paid off. Still would’ve rather seen him win the year he released ‘Verso’ though.

More importantly, the CSC x Vague Christmas Party went down on Saturday and it was an absolute belter. Big love to everyone who came down and we wish you luck in recovering from your hangover. If you missed it, the full rundown is up on the blog now.

‘Scorched Earth’ is the latest video from Ed Templeton’s bloodsucking skateboard company, Toy Machine, with parts from Myles Willard, Dashawn Jordan, CJ Collins, and Leo Romero. I’m a big fan of Myles and his trick selection, so the fact he has first and last part is a serious treat, as well as being a massive flex. Make sure you check out the latest run of Toy Machine decks and accessories, done by our good mate Phil Morgan, over on the shop.

Jay Lentern has a new part out on Grey Skate Mag filmed by Lucien Parsons, filled with hectic manuals and some sick ride-on grinds #trending2021. The switch crook down the waterfront steps is absolutely bonkers.

Theories of Atlantis are back with their first video project in way too long. 'The Fourth Turning' features a load of their newest skaters ripping up Detroit, Indiana, and Boston. With impeccable trick and spot selection, this is proper street skating at its best; just what you expect from Theories.

'Turmoil III: Return To Bolzlem', the newest video from Peter Piotrkowski, is up online in full on Vague alongside a sick little interview by the cast of the film. Right from the video's bizarre intro clip - which wouldn't look out of place in an early Tarantino film - you know this video's gonna be an absolute treat, with feel-good skating and some incredible song choices.

Logan Khidekel wallride backside-180 out from Turmoil III - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Photo: Logan Khidekel with a lesser-seen wallride backside 180 out from Turmoil III, shot by George Etheredge.

Primitive have just released a new video starring Tiago Lemos and Wade Desarmo, and I thought Christmas wasn't for another couple of weeks. After watching Tiago kill it in King of MACBA, it's nice to have some bangin' street footage to really remind yourself that he's the undisputed GOAT.

Canadian filmer, Chance Swainson, has come through with a bangin' new Vancouver-based video, 'blast!', filled with a load of familiar faces, including Leon Chapdelaine, Dustin Henry, and Breana Geering. If you didn't already know that the Canadian scene is one of the best in the game right now, then watch this video to find out why.

Eetu Toropainen, the latest freakishly gifted skater to emerge from the depths of Finland, has a new part out for Carhartt WIP filmed entirely in Finland in the last year. Eetu’s got it all with pinched front crooks, high-speed lines, and crusty, back-alley spots; Eetu scopes out some bangin’ lines and crushes everything in his path. He even got the Muckmouth seal of approval. 

Minuit's 'exp 3' is a new video out of Bordeaux featuring Oscar Candon, Amelien Floures, Fred Plocque Santos, and more. The video's got a bangin' soundtrack that changes to suit the different skaters, going from sick lo-fi beats to more gangster French rap. Très bien.

The Dork Zone boys are back with episode 5 of DZTV, filled with loads of interesting sections that’ll appease any hungry skate nerd, including a griptape art tutorial, a look at Jonathan Sjöberg’s collection of vinyls and DVDs, and an in-depth look at Karsten Kleppan’s set-up.

'Cooling Off' is a bangin' new scene video out of Nottingham from filmers Luke Humphreys and Alex Petz and their band of merry men. If it's got MF DOOM in the soundtrack it's good enough for me, but the ABBA song is the cherry on top.

‘The iPod Video’ is the latest video from Kyota Umeki and The Star Team, and it’s just as quirky as you’d expect of a video filmed on an OG iPod with a fisheye glued to it, with the soundtrack jumping from Animal Crossing, to Skrillex, to the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme tune. The video actually looks surprisingly good considering it was filmed on a relic of ancient history, and it kinda compliments the raw street skating. Overall a very enjoyable video that’s highly likely to make you want to go skate.

iPod Video by The Star Team - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Photo: The reign of the VX is over; the era of the iPod Touch has officially begun. Via @fideicide_tv Instagram.

'Piazzetta' is a highly enjoyable new video from the boys at Vans Italy, documenting their journey through Italy as they hit a number of small squares, or ‘piazzettas’ as the Italians like to call them. While most of the skaters aren’t very well known, they do a good job of demonstrating why Italians have a reputation for being stylish.

Alex Tsagka handles some hectic rail set-ups in his debut part, ‘Plumber’. Is it just me or does he kinda look like a cross between Dakota Servold and Gilbert Crockett?

‘Hot Rod’ is a new 10-minute offering from Swedish lensman, Love Öhling, featuring a host of Swedish leji, as well as a delightful tidbit of Axel Berggren footage to follow up on his bangin’ part from last month.

There’s a sick new scene video out of Washington DC, ‘Low Profile’, featuring a proper mixed bag of skaters hitting some recognisable DC ‘crete as well as some lesser-seen back-street gems.

The future looks bright in 'Slappyknukle', a new video from crew of Danish young guns, Acid Boys. Nice to know there's at least some younger skaters out there who still believe in making videos outside of Instagram.

'Joabless' is another new scene video which came out this week, this time from Brazil, featuring the CPTMafia crew alongside the ZNS crew. Seems like scene videos is the theme of the week.

Meme of the week:

Pirate Jah vs Pirate Man - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
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