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Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Dylan in Dublin, the return of Mean Streets, and a special treat for skate nerds.

Evan Wasser from Frog Skateboards Instagram

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The short but sweet ‘All Hallows Eve’ edit from our Celtic brethren at High Rollers Dublin is absolutely dripping in style, with hammers from all the local boys as well as… Ryan Townley? While we definitely didn’t expect to see Welcome’s boardslide aficionado in an Irish video, it was an absolute treat seeing our very own Dylan Hughes deliver the final banger with an epic frontside flip switch manual, we miss ya mate!

The world's best carboot sale, the CSC Skate Carboot Sale, is back with a vengeance. Taking place on 20th November at Spit and Sawdust skatepark, make sure you get down there to get your hands on some premium skate clobber at insanely low prices - or if you've got some stuff you want to get rid of, drop Spit and Sawdust an email at to grab yourself a pitch. This one's not to be missed.

Slam City Skates have published Ben Powell’s interview with one of skating’s most dedicated historians, the man behind the NBD Archive project, Milton Bradley. The boys discuss the intricacies of trying to accurately document the origins of skateboard tricks and other issues Milton has faced in his pursuit of NBDs. If you’re interested in skate history, this one’s a must-read.

Jak Pietryga shows off his ambidexterity in his section from Jake Martinelli’s latest full-length video, 'Rugged Raw 3', with some lesser seen switch manoeuvres and tasteful mirror lines that’ll have you scratching your head trying to remember what stance he is.

Our neighbours across the bridge at Cirencester's Decimal Skate Store have announced the release of their first full-length video, 'Corinium', filmed by James Harris. The video is set to premiere on the 28th November at The Cube Microplex in Bristol, so make sure you grab your tickets as soon as they're released to save yourself from disappointment.

Tom Knox talks us through his set-up in the new ‘My Indys’ video. If discussing people’s set-ups doesn’t get your heart racing (don’t worry you’re not the only one), the video’s got plenty of footage of Tom ripping in Berlin to sweeten the deal, you can always just watch it on mute and play your own music if that’s more your thing.

It looks like the Atlantic Drift boys are teaming up with New York's finest again, with Mike Arnold seen fraternising with Max Palmer and Nik Stain on Instagram. Fingers crossed we'll be seeing a new edit from these boys soon.

Mike Arnold and Max Palmer from Nik Stain's Instagram story

A new video offering from Jack Gittins, 'Northern Lights 3', showcases everything the North has to offer in a feel-good homie video for the ages. With amazing editing, an eclectic soundtrack, and some incredible looking spots, the video has got me itching to go skate. Good job lads.

The skate YouTube metaverse has been set ablaze this week after Kelly Hart called YouTube skate theorist, Rad Rat, a dork in a recent Nine Club 'Stop and Chat'. The beef originated from an old Rad Rat video where he discusses whether or not Chris Haslam 'cheats' on his lazer flips, exploring the differences between 'lazer' flips and 'kiwi' flips, before concluding that you can't really 'cheat' at skating, unless you're in a game of skate. Check out the latest Gifted Hater video for the full scoop, and be sure to watch Rad Rat's response to see his take on the matter.

Congrats to Dane Barker on turning pro for Quasi Skateboards. We've been big fans of Dane and his no-nonsense skating since seeing him skating in Lotties videos, and it's sick to see his name among the rest of the Quasi pros. Make sure you keep an eye out for when we get his boards in the shop.

Dutch-based Pop Trading Co have teamed up with Danish national treasure, Hjalte’s, new venture, Dancer, to create a top-quality video, ‘Topkwaliteit’. The video accompanies a collaborative collection between the two brands which features some amazing pieces, including a fluffy gilet, and a fluffy bike seat cover - I don’t think you could make anything more Dutch and Danish if you tried.

Battle 11 of this year's King of MACBA sees the legendary Tiago Lemos pitted against Nassim Lachhab, and this one's a doozy. Of course Tiago comes through with his superhuman pop, but he even shows off his versatility with some incredible defence resulting in the Brazilian silverback finishing the match with only one letter. This one's gonna be hard to beat.

Keeping in the Euro spirit, two of France’s finest skateboard boutiques, Lyon’s Wall Street Skateshop and Bourdeaux’s Riot, have teamed up again to bring you another delightful video offering. This time, the boys head to Lyon to make the most of one of France’s most legendary skate cities, hitting up some of the city’s iconic spots including Hotel De Ville, Musée des Confluences, and that weird volcano spot Tom Penny skated. C'est très bien.

Mosako Chalashika has released a new edit, 'Five Pula', documenting the skate scene in Botswana's capital city, Gaborone. Check out the video and interview via Grey Skate Mag to find out more about the project.

A combination nobody knew we needed, The Bottom Feeder Video blends skating with drag for a truly fierce video. With cameos from famous faces,  including Chris Milic, Jerry Hsu, and Chris Colbourn, the video features some seriously stylish queens with bangin’ parts from Chandler Burton and Efron Danzig. Now we just need to see BA as a guest judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Frankie Decker Noseslide

Frankie Decker Backside Noseslide - via Frog Skateboards' Instagram

‘Evan Frankie (frog)’ has everything you hope to see from a Frog video with unique spot and trick selection, as well as some serious hammers from Krazy Frankie. Been a fan of Evan Wasser since his ‘Welcome to WKND’ part a couple of moons ago so it’s nice to see some more footage from him. Got to say I liked him on WKND but he fits Frog like a glove. A quick YouTube search also uncovered a wealth of uploads from Evan's mum including footage of him shredding Woodward from 15 years ago, as well as footage of him performing on stage in a production of 'Les Misérables' - he's clearly a man of many talents. Special shoutout to Jesse Alba for his fake manny double crotch grab; elite manoeuvre.

After a long hiatus, Lurknyc are back with another instalment of their legendary 'Mean Streets' series. Bringing heavy 90s vibes into the modern era, the rawness of 'Mean Streets' transports you straight to NYC and makes you feel like you’re sat in on the session. The video features lesser-known New York skaters alongside some recognisable faces like Kyota Umeki and Shawn Powers, thankfully though, no lobsters were harmed in the making of the video.

The second instalment of the Sovereign Sect's incredible new 'Memory Lapse' series brings us archival raw footage of Mosaic in Miami. With skating from Danny Renaud and Fred Gall, take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this blessed offering from some of skateboarding's all-time greats.

'almost there' is a stylish new edit from Tristan Mershom, with plenty of lesser-seen New York spots and some buttery-ass mannies.

Justin Henry’s 'GAMETIME' is a new documentary-style video from Vans which focuses on the recent experiences of Quasi’s newest pro. The video gives us an inside look at Justin’s pro reveal, with some extremely wholesome footage - who thinks we should get ourselves a CSC billboard? - as well as behind-the-scenes footage from inside the Quasi van, and Justin’s recent battle to recover from injury.

Deerman of Dark Woods cursed us with a spooky Halloween section in what could be his last part for Heroin Skateboards. Barrier Kult announced on Instagram three weeks ago that DMODW has decided to step away from his sponsors and return to the forest in order to ‘get back to his darkest roots of barrier obsession/knifing’.

Ultra-tech street skating and Chief Keef might not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Finland, but Few Pounds Co bring exactly that in their new ‘FPC21’ video. There’s definitely a few mind-melters in this one.

Despite the spooky, Halloween-themed intro, ‘The HSS Video’ from Halloween Stickers Skateboards feels more like a Frog video than anything else, with its strong homie vibes and quirky outfits. The soundtrack packs some serious heat with songs from Nirvana, Alex G, Green Day, Title Fight, and Chris de Burgh, and what the edit lacks in seriousness the skating more than makes up for.

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