The Week Today, Now - 07/08/2023

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Lucien Clarke's Favourite Spot, Carve Wicked in Mallorca article and a whole lot of legends in the new Gonz x Spitfire video.

Lloyd Houston Frontside Tailbash, photo by Mike Ridout - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Lazy Loddy tailbash in Mallora, shot by The Gaffa.

Huge shoutout to everyone who made it down to the Vans Shop Riot, safe to say it was an absolute belter of a weekend that's probably going to take my liver well over a week to recover from. Massive thank you to Amanda, Manhead and the rest of the legends over at Vans for making it happen as well as the lovely folk from Spit and Sawdust, Fore-Cast, Carve Wicked, all the shops who came down and everyone else who helped out. Full write-up coming soon!

Seriously heavy squad putting it down in Portugal for Daniel Galli's lens, 'Angelina' is bursting at the seams with tasteful trick selection and equally tasteful trou from a stacked international squad featuring Didrik Galasso, Leo Favaro, Adilson Pedro, Carlos Iqui, Thaynan Costa and more.

In case you missed it in the print edition, the Carve Wicked Mallorca article from the latest issue of Vague is now online for you to enjoy, featuring the masterful prose of CSC's very own Mike Ridout alongside his equally enthralling photography. 'Old Skool Nokia' is up on the Blog too so if you haven't seen it already then do yaself a favour!

Mark Gonzales, Max Palmer, Nick Matthews and Brian Anderson all in one video?! Definitely didn't see expect to see some of these guys together but the new 'Mark Gonzales for Spitfire Wheels' clip is loaded up with more GOATs than a petting zoo. Spitfire really are they best aren't they.

Massive fan of everything Cooper Winterson touches and his new part for Glue is the perfect showcase of his unique approach, packed with a load of niche spots and truly enlightened trick selection - and of course the song choice is a banger.

Whole load of North Walian goodness in Yannick Hammer's latest clip, featuring a load of the North's finest, including Mia Roberts, Jasper Dawson-Clough, Yannick and more, making light work of the Holyhead DIY with all manner of wacky terrain.

Skate journalist extraordinaire, Farran Golding, is back with another of his beloved 'Favourite Spot' videos, this time featuring UK legend, Lucien Clarke, waxing lyrical about his long-running relationship with London's Victoria Benches.

Brand new three minute full-length from the Fore-Cast boys featuring Keen Will, Sox and Jordan Lightowler conquering some seriously rugged terrain. Be sure to check out the latest Fore-Cast decks while you're at it too!

Another bangin' history lesson from Ted Barrow, the latest episode of 'This Old Ledge' covers the history of San Francisco's iconic Pier 7 spot and its long-lasting influence on both street skating and associated codes of conduct.

If 'This Old Ledge' ain't enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, Slam City have also blessed us with some more local lore concerning Nick Jensen and Mike Arnold's head-spinning Big Ben road gap bangers in their new 'Backstory' piece.

Quartersnacks' endorsement always guarantees a good watch and Sexhippies' 'Sexwax' does not disappoint with 7 minutes of East Coast niceness from the likes of Cooper Qua, Jasper Dohrs, Zac Gavin and Eddie Vagas Jr.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest clothing and skateboard decks from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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