The Week Today, Now - 06/06/2022

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Huf in Brazil, the Sour boys in Sicily, and Dylan Jaeb in the streets.

Gustav Tonnesen switch backside 5050 grind, photo by Samuel Ashley - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Gustav Tonnesen with a tight switch back 50 from Jante, shot by Samuel Ashley.

After wetting everyone's whistles with ‘The Sour Solution 3’, all your favourite Scandinavians are back with another hectic clip filmed by master lensman, Fritte Soderstrom. Part 2 of their ‘Jante’ series takes the boys to Sicily where everyone stacked a bunch of hammers - except Vincent who hardly had a single make, but that’s why we love him.

Primitive have just dropped an incredible new full-length that's packed with the insane tech you expect from all the Primitive legends, including two new additions: Dylan Jaeb and Kyonosuke Yamashita. I mean it starts off with a full Wade D part which is all you need to know. This one's a must watch.

The Huf crew have teamed up with Thrasher and headed down to Brazil for a heavy tour round some of the country’s top destinations. With the lineup featuring absolute savages like Mason Silva, Nick Matthews, Dick Rizzo, Brad Cromer, and many more, you know this one’s gonna be a goodie.

Nick Matthews Backside Kickflip, photo by Mike Heikkila - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Nick Matthews with a hefty backside flip in Brazil, photo by Mike Heikkila.

Dustin Eggeling has a new part out for Village Psychic filmed entirely at New York’s Rodney Park basketball courts, with the added bonus of some lovely cameos from Kyler Garrison, Keith Denley, and Brian Scherer.

Catch some of your favourite Poetic Collective skaters and friends in the latest edit from Makke Bengtsson packed with loads of stylish manoeuvres in a variety of European locations.

Another certified banger from the Bust Crew boys, the second instalment of their ‘Road Heads’ series is yet another fun-filled journey full of heavy hitters and plenty of laughs between the bangers. Watching this is like injecting pure hype into your veins.

After years of obsessive SLAP debates, skatepark extraordinaire, Dylan Jaeb, has left the safety of his SoCal stomping grounds and taken to the streets to film a hectic part filled with loads of tasteful tech and Mike Mo tributes.

Ace Pelka conquers all manner of terrain in his new part from OJ Wheels, all the way from fearsome rooftops to the humble red curb.

Highly enjoyable new clip from Ian Ostrowski and the gang featuring some hectic trampoline antics.

Feast your eyes on the multi-disciplinary talent of Kien Caples in their new pro part for There, packed with soap shoes, roller skates, tech decks, and a dash of skating.

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