The Week Today, Now - 01/07/2024

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Slugger's Spit and Sawdust takeover, our Go Skate Day 2024 edit and Ebou's Allstars in Valencia.

Slugger Skate Shop Team at Spit and Sawdust Skatepark
The Slugger lads at Spit.

In case you missed it, our short-but-sweet (shoutout the rain) Go Skate Day 2024 edit is now online for you to view in all its glory, showcasing a wide variety of curb- and kicker-based wizardry from all your favourite Cardiff heads. As always we wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who made it down and an extra special mention to our wonderful guest MC, Hemmy, for giving Jim O a well-deserved break from the mic!

From South Yorkshire with love, Sheffield's legendary SOS, Slugger Skate Shop, made the pilgrimage down to Spit and Sawdust last month after receiving the highly-coveted 'You're Cordially Invited' golden ticket from Cardiff's answer to Willy Wonka resulting in four minutes of pizza-fuelled hammers in the world's greatest training facility.

Join recent Solo Skate Mag guest editor and all-around legend, Ebou Sanyang, as he rounds up his dream team for a trip to Valencia, enlisting the talents of Felipe Bartolome, Roman Gonzalez, Eddie Cernicky, Juan Virues, Javi De Pedro, Tolia Titaev and more to unleash some serious damage on those premium Spanish spots. Title Fight soundtrack = neuron activation.

Javier De Pedro Fakie Front Krook Pop-out, photo by Felix Adler
Javi De Pedro gapping out of a fakie front krook, shot by Felix Adler.

Tom Karangelov showcases his signature creativity in the new New Balance Numeric x Enter The Museum video, coming through with a wacky, WKND-esque skit backed up by his one-of-a-kind trick/spot selection that's absolutely guaranteed to get you hyped. The shoes are looking tasty too!

Following their recent collab with Julian Klincewicz, the US-based Rassvet lads - including Cambryan Sedlick, Austyn Gillette, Patrick Franklin and Amin Sharif - headed to San Diego to link up with Julian and skate his childhood stomping ground, Washington St skate park, after sessioning some of the local curbs.

Everyone's favourite family-run skate brand, Carpet Company, have treated us to some bangin' off-cuts and alt angles from their recent full-length, 'BRAT', with five minutes of raw footage from their time in Mexico City featuring the likes of Quinn Batley, Mason Padilla, Rashad Murray and the rest of the gang.

Tom Karangelov Polejam, photo by Jake Darwen
Tom Karangelov polejammin' for the New Balance x Enter The Museum collab, shot by Jake Darwen.

Showcasing a respectable 3 years of graft, 'PLAYDATE' is a highly-enjoyable new scene video out of the Netherlands filmed by Dylan van der Laan and starring a solid selection of stylish Dutchmen including Aaron Tiekink, Tom van den Hoeven, Tjerk Oosting, Mauro Ruberto and more.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Bourdeaux's Riot Skate Shop have come through with a bangin' new full-length, '7/7', featuring a wide variety of French legends including Leo Cholet, Olivier Durou, Edouard Depaz and Leo Valls alongside a load of the local homies. 

Despite not really being an actual skate brand, the Noah skate team is looking pretty darn stacked these days with the likes of Louie Lopez, Krazy Frankie, Evan Wasser, Chris Tenorio and John Clemmons making light work of a load of esoteric LA spots in their newest video.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest clothing and skateboard decks from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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