Save The Date - Curb Your Go Skate Day Event

By Dan Bunn


Find out everything you need to know about our 2024 Go Skate Day event. We guarantee it's gonna be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

CSC Curb Your Go Skate Day Curb Your Go Skate Day Poster

Do you respect wood? We know we certainly do. That's why we're celebrating Go Skate Day once again, that glorious time when we can all get together to share in our respect for the world's greatest wooden transportation device.

After bringing back our Downhill Death Race in Penarth last year, we thought we'd go for something a little less high-octane for Go Skate Day 2024 with a good old fashioned curb jam at everyone's favourite cycle path/car park/training facility: North Road Curbs.

Join us on Friday 21st June from 6:30PM for a fun-filled evening of curb-based shenanigans, complete with crazy challenges, quality prizes and a whole lotta good times. All ages and abilities are welcome, you don't even have to skate if you don't want to; just bring some cans and come hang out!

Cardiff Skateboard Club Go Skate Day 2023 Event, photo by Finley Chivers
Strong squad at our 2023 Go Skate Day event.

A curb session is hard to beat at the best of times but this ain't just any old curb sesh as we've got a load of extra fun planned to help spice things up a bit. We'll be hosting a variety of challenges for you to flaunt your mastery of the curb and we'll even be bringing down some extra obstacles just in case curbs aren't your thing (but don't let Jim hear you say that).

As always, we've got an amazing selection of prizes for you to reward your curb-based wizardry with goodies from Last Resort, Polar Skate Co, Carve Wicked, Helas, Caffeine and Krooks, Spit and Sawdust and more, so start training while you can to bring home the bacon on the day!

In order to best prepare yourself we highly recommend heading over to the shop now to stock up on a wide range of curb skating gear, including shaped decks, rails, Powell Dragon Wheels and, of course, a load of wax. Alternatively, if it's inspiration that you're lacking then you can treat yourself to a healthy dose of hype courtesy of the King of North Road below.

Lance Mountain slappy backside smith grind, photo by Ryan Maddox
This could be you!
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest clothing, skateboard decks and more from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest Cardiff skate events on the CSC Blog. Safe.