Fashionably Late

by Mike


New arrivals: decks from Quasi, Polar & Butter Spring 19 clothing, some Brixton clothing.

Bobby Worrest is undeniably our favourite Big Boi™️ skater. His new part for Venture is pure diesel, and probably the best reason to buy some Ventures in the last 10 years. Watch y'all make the switch from Indy. His Chrome Ball interview is a good read too.

3 Minute park edits are normally the worst, but not when Pedro Mayn makes them. High grade Ashmore wounding from Tommy, Tweek and the rest of the 'da ladz'.

Gang Corp bring the complete 'fuck the system' attitude in Black Business.

James Cruickshank's Afterbang Part Duex will remind just how good Jerome Campbell is.

Thought you'd never ask - State x Theories collab is v. dope. Features your favourite #underground skaters.

Dani Lebron gets down harder than most people in their 40s. Fakie hards switch krizza got our jaws going like we had a pinger.

16 Minutes of Barney Page and friends talking about his Etnies part with raw clips is better than the entire Etnies video.

Hold Tight Henry breaks out the HPX for the LLSB x Dickies collab video. Tom Knox still has the best lines, in case you were wondering.

Piilgrim's White Noise Icelandic edit has got the flavour for sure. Frank Stephens has never lost it.

Plenty of hammers and one of the best wallrides from Axel in Mallorca in Vans' Cougar edit.

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