Is Wednesday the new Monday?

Jim O

Bit of a delay getting this post out this week, but what ya gonna do? Everyday's the same now innit?

Peej ♥️

New stuff: Fore-cast just came in the shop, go cop it so you can look fresh in your living room. Also got some Anti Hero decks and clothing, and full clip of Krooked Zip Zingers. Lots more stuff popping up this week.

Vans released their Jeff Grosso Birthday Tribute a few days back. It features some of his close mates who are on a video call talking about the good times they spent with him. Some pretty insane footy of him dotted throughout too. Watch Grosso's LoveLetters to Skateboarding HERE. RIP GROSSO

Spanish flava in the Basque Vacations vid. Mosaique Bearings' clip features the likes of Javier Sarmiento, and Tyler Surrey along with Fran Molina, Luis Aponte, Mateo Rotaeche, Brayan Albarenga, Bruce Fernandez and Pierre Leze. 

Heavy dragon steez from Chris Jones in a Maccies car park sesh.

Tyshawn Jones chats to Lui Elliot about sponsorship rumours, being SOTY back in 2018 and being stoked that Milton got it this time around.

Great skating and great song choices in Jonne Nordlund Hannu part. Watch the full vid HERE 

Clip of The Week

The raw Static IV Vol.2  tapes from Theories Of Atlantis are sick. Strong NYC vibes featuring Kevin Tierney, Ted Barrows, Aaron Herrington, Dustin Eggeling, Brian Delatore, Yaje Popson, Quim Cardona, Jimmy Lannon, Brian Clarke, Jahmal Williams and Joel Meinholz. 

Banger of a video from the Parisian homies Troiccd *2ND*. It features the likes of Joshua Marques, Tyler Chew, Steven Faure, Santiago Sasson, Morgan Katomba, Ambroise Fardel, Thomas Courteille, Pierre Subra, Quentin Ciurko, Florian Taverne, Alix Malnati, Ali Jbiloul, Andre Treijinha, Victor Cascarigny, Jerome Sossou, Leo Cholet, Leo Spartacus, Paul Austin, Lucas Languasco, Skyler Trent, Cesar Dubroca, Adrien Chabiron and Amelien Foures. It was filmed and edited by Jim Larkz with additional filming by Kemisse Zouikri.

Mark Appleyard, Sammy Montano and Aaron Kim in Melbourne courtesy of Globe

Couple minutes of Joel Juuso in Aste Skateboards’ Seasons. Head over to Free's site to read what Samu Karvonen has to say about the Finnish scene amongst other things. There's also a little Q&A with Joel in there too.

Woah, raw footy from the Hélas Fellas NYC trip is as im sure you can imagine...pretty fucked.

Jason Dill speaks of a Fucking Awesome x Adidas clothing line and shoe plans on the Nine Club's Stop and Chat series. Dill posted a clip of him in the shoes on the gram a few weeks back.

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