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Save yourself some pennies with the best skateboard decks for under £60. We stock a wide range of affordable skateboard decks from top brands like Skateboard Cafe, Yardsale, Palace, Polar, Heroin, Lovenskate, Clown and more.

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you've probably noticed a pretty severe rise in the cost of skateboard decks. These price increases have been caused by myriad factors, including rising shipping costs, increased cost of wood and disruptions to manufacturing caused by the knock-on effects of COVID-19, and unfortunately there's not much that we (as an independent, skater-owned shop) can do about it. While it's now pretty normal to be paying upwards of £80 for a deck from a US brand, that doesn't mean you have to remortgage the house every time you need a new deck. Rather, instead of chasing American brands, try looking a little bit closer to home and supporting a local UK-based company to grab yourself a premium product without the premium price tag. To help deal with these rising costs, we've stocked up on a load of boards from some of the UK and Europe's biggest brands, all for under £60 and for as low as £40! We've got cheap skateboard decks from local legends like Carve Wicked and Skateboard Cafe alongside some of the UK's most legendary brands like Heroin, Death, Lovenskate and Palace. Cheap doesn't have to mean shit!

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