Wiki-Leaks Vol. 2 Summer Slam

by Mike

Four months after Wiki-Leaks Vol.1 comes Garry Leak's highly anticipated follow up, Vol. 2 Summer Slam. Watch online now at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

Wiki-Leaks Vol 2 / SummerSlam from Alun Webb on Vimeo.

Garry Leak channeling WWF's Summer Slam for the latest volume in his on going Wiki Leaks series. Remember when wrestling was the best thing ever? Truly a golden age. Filmed over the course of four months in Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and the ever exotic Cardiff Bay.

Full shredding from the likes of Kev Barry, Adam Keys, Jack & Ed Carter, Gareth Leak, Rhys Whaley, Mickey Hickey, Mike Ridout, Sox, Will Bellushi, Ben Perks, Tom Beaver, Alun Webb, Tariq Kinani, and Saul Crandon. With guest appearances from Ziggy and Harry. 

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