Wiki-Leaks Vol. 1


Gaz Leak has graced us, you and the rest of the internet with his #relevantly titled Barca x Cardiff video, Wiki-Leaks Vol. 1.

Sorry folks. Sometimes we're meant to do stuff and we accidentally go out for a quite pint after work and then don't get home until 7am and completely blow whatever we were meant to do. So when I got a text from Gaz yesterday asking me to post Wiki-Leaks, I knew I'd done missed up. My bad.

Stick the kettle on for this one, treat yourself to a rollie, open a tinnie, tell your missus that it's a proper movie with absolutely zero skating in it. Whatever you choose, enjoy it.

P.S Stand out parts from all parties featured. Personal favourites include Sean Dawe, Gaz Leak, Taz and Ol' Dirty Barry.

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