Video Daze - Waspz

by Dan Bunn

Two of South Wales' finest, Swales Worldwide and Freestyle, have teamed up to bring us the feel-good skate video of the century, packed with a load of local legends, hilarious skits and more curb skating than a 40-year-olds Instagram page.

If you're local to South Wales, you'll probably already be familiar with Medieval Dale and his curb-oriented creativity, with the man having given birth to beloved DIY spots like the one and only, Big Red (RIP). However, since the untimely demise of everyone's favourite giant, red curb, Dale and the boys have since adapted their love of curbs for a more nomadic lifestyle, becoming less vulnerable to the destructive whims of local councils and offering more flexibility in their application.

Such is the premise of 'Waspz': what could man achieve if curbs weren't restricted by their usual geographical limitations? The answer is, "quite a lot, actually". Curb in tow, the boys have explored the deepest, darkest corners of South Wales, turning desolate car parks and other similarly uninspiring destinations into playgrounds of limitless potential with their Steve Berra-inspired philosophy to spot improvement. Think a curb down a stairset as a DIY hubba, curb transfers in and out of bowls and even an NBD boardslide to manual to downhill slalom thanks to some added plastic cones. 

With stunts provided by local legends like Tom Bailey, Ben Morris, Jake Collins, Sam Pulley, Kev Barry, and of course the masterminds behind the whole thing, Alan Hamsandwhich and Dale Meredith, 'Waspz' features more than its fair share of bangers without taking itself too seriously. From Hogi's juggling antics to Kev's darkslides, you never really know what's gonna come next except that it's gonna involve a curb in some bizarre way.

To compliment the skating, 'Waspz' also features delightfully low-quality filming courtesy of an old Samsung phone with a Death Lens attached. The editing, however, far exceeds the video's lowly pixel count with tastefully executed skits like the Charlie Chaplin intro, exquisite use of obscure videos dredged from the depths of the internet, tasteful references to classic skate videos like Yeah Right, The DC Video and Beez III, and even a haunting Bailey/Steve Austin faceswap.

In a world saturated with the depressingly unattainable, from permanently beach-bound influencers to the hordes of bigflip backside tailsliding 10-year-olds, 'Waspz' is a much-needed remedy that's guaranteed to remind you of all the fun you can have just dicking about in a carpark with your mates, even if you don't have your own personal curb you can drag along to sessions with you. 

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