Video Daze - Street Code

by Dan Bunn

Yet another banger out of Bridgend, travel back in time to the Golden Era of skateboarding with Rhys Tweek's 'Street Code'.

Paying homage to the videos of his childhood like 'Timecode' and 'Jump Off A Building', Rhys Tweek's 'Street Code' video is a nostalgia-filled extravanganza filmed on VX1000 and VHS for those premium old-school aesthetics. With trippy editing that's somewhere between old Alien Workshop and Bronze 56k and a soundtrack that's straight out of 'Human Traffic', 'Street Code' is an absolute must-watch.

The video boasts a star-studded lineup of South Wales superstars including Rhys Tweek, Jack Branch, Welsh Tommy and Jess Young as well as a bunch of newer faces from around South Wales with everyone bringing some serious hammers.  Jack Branch's obviously got his eye on the coveted CSC Skater Of The Year trophy as he's going full Suciu-mode having just dropped his bangin' new video, 'Enjoying Bridgend', and now his even heavier part in 'Street Code'. Obviously R Leo makes an appearance too, because would it even be a South Wales scene video if it didn't have at least one clip of Leo doing a heelflip in it? Of course new Tommy footage is always a treat too, getting heavy Ricky Oyola vibes from some of those lines.

The fellas put in some serious miles to get footage for the video with clips from Aberystwyth to Barcelona, as well as a strong selection of timeless local spots. It's pretty easy to sit and moan about spots being shit, even with Bute right on our doorstep, but such passive complaining never stopped Tweek and the boys from getting out there and making the most of the best (and worst) of what South Wales has to offer. I mean they make Porthcawl seafront look like a skater's paradise which is pretty fuckin' impressive.

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