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Dan Bunn

Sirus Gahan takes the reins for Polar Skate Co's latest full-length video, 'Everything Is Normal', featuring new full parts from Shin Sanbongi and Kiki Kakitani filmed entirely in Japan over a whopping seven years.

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After almost 15 years in the game and with four top-tier full-lengths under their belt already, it's safe to say we all know what to expect from Polar Skate Co and that is, simply: excellence. From their skate videos to their decks and clothing, Polar Skate Co have crafted one of the most refined and distinctive aesthetics of any contemporary brand - largely thanks to Pontus Alv's careful curation - so we're always hyped when they've got something new for us.

Since Pontus stepped down from filming duties and Tor Strom manned the lens for the last two videos - 'We Blew It At Some Point' and 'Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It' - it's now time for another changing of the guard as one of the UK's finest purveyor of visuals, Sirus F Gahan, takes the helm for their latest flick, 'Everything Is Normal'. Despite the incredible pressure of having to fill Pontus' Last Resort shoes, Sirus has done an incredible job of bringing his own style into the mix while still maintaining those signature Polar vibes we all know and love - partly because the video opens as all Polar videos should: with Nick Boserio absolutely hurtling at Mach-10 down a steep incline.

Kiki Kakitani Frontside Smith Grind, photo by Changsu
Kiki front smith, shot by Changsu.

Filmed between 2017 and 2024, Polar's 'Everything Is Normal' takes place entirely in Japan, showcasing the talents of Polar's Japanese contingent with full parts from Shin Sanbongi and new recruit, Kiki Kakitani, as they bring those decadent umami flavours. Alongside the local lads, the video also sees the rest of the Polar squad as they make their way around Japan in search of spots with clips from Emile Laurent, Nick Boserio, Ebou Sanyang, Paul Grund, Oskar Rozenberg, Roman Gonzalez, Dane Brady, Aaron Herrington, Jamie Platt, David Stenstrom and of course, the main man, Pontus Alv. There's even some touching farewell footage from former Polar pro, Hjalte Halberg, so it's nice to know there's no hard feelings there. 

From Kiki's hectic opening part to Shin Sanbongi's flowy finale, 'Everything Is Normal' is an absolute treat for the eyeballs thanks to Sirus' impeccable visuals, featuring a seamless blend of clips, B-roll and photography for an immersive multi-media experience. On top of the premium aesthetics, the video also helps tell the story of some of its characters, including Kiki and Shin as well as photographer, Marimo Ohyama (AKA Changsu), and Polar's head of distribution in Japan, Masanori Uruma, helping to offer a more personal insight into their lives through a variety of interviews, testimonies and archival footage.

Shin Sanbongi Frontside Wallride, photo by Changsu
Shin surfin', shot by Changsu.

If you enjoyed the video, we highly recommend checking out Polar's Everything Is Normal collection which features a wide range of goodies based around the video, including decks, tees and their first ever photobook - all of which feature artwork by the video's mastermind, Sirus Gahan. Packed with over 100 pages of premium photography from the likes of Sirus, Marimo Ohyama, Kohei Hayashi, Nobuo Iseki and Pontus Alv, the 'Everything Is Normal' photobook offers an even deeper insight into the making of the video that's sure to have you booking the next flight to Japan - or at least starting saving for it. Shop the full collection below to show Polar some love and help them keeping doing what they do best!

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