Video Daze - Limosine Promaster: Hugo Boserup

Dan Bunn

Stellar new offering from one of the hottest brands in the game, Limosine just keep delivering the goods.

Despite what one disgruntled SLAP user has to say, the Limosine (yes it's Limosine not Limousine) squad haven't actually been doing 'FUCK ALL'. The crew have been squirreling away behind the scenes (which basically means not constantly posting garbage on Instagram) working on a follow-up video to their seminal video, 'Paymaster'. Their latest barnburner, 'Promaster: Hugo Boserup', features stylish manoeuvres from all your favourites, an eclectic soundtrack, impeccable Max Palmer truck wobbles, and all the homie vibes you expect from a Logan Lara video. Your week just got ten times better.

Max Palmer. Genesis Evans. Karim Callender. Cyrus Bennett. Aaron Loreth. Nelly Morville. Hugo Boserup. That's one hell of a lineup. The individual flavours of each skater - from Cyrus' composed flick to the sheer joy of watching Nelly charge - all come together to create a perfectly-balanced concoction that's aided greatly by a tastefully edgy soundtrack. I mean, a Soundcloud rap cover of Camping In Alaska's 'c u in da ball pit'? That You'll Live track with a legendary Woody Allen quote from 'Hannah And Her Sister'? And, to top it all off, a new track from Genny (aka foghornleghornn)? Come onnnnnn. Limosine does not fuckin' miss.

While the video celebrates Hugo's recent promotion to the pro ranks - so obviously he has last part - Nelly Morville also shines through with her own hectic, slam-filled section. It's basically impossible to watch her skate and not get hyped. Of course Hugo shuts shit down though, combining tasteful bangers, like sketchy drop-ins and a speedy front lip round a tightly curved ledge, with monstrous handrails. Big fan of his new bowl cut too. Homie looks like a default character from Dark Souls and I'm fuckin' backing it.

Full Limosine Promaster soundtrack:

  • Toosday - Something Else/C U IN DA BALLPIT II prod. By slashgvng
  • You'll Live - Maybe You Were Right
  • foghornleghornn - Everybody is the same

That's enough chit-chat though. Keep your eyes peeled for when the next load of bangers from Limosine arrive in store. Or, check out more of the best new skate videos on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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