Video Daze - DC x CAFE Lloyds

by Dan Bunn

Continuing the DC x Skate Cafe festivities, the boys have treated us to an absolute belter of a one-spot part at the iconic Bristol destination, Lloyds.

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With the new DC x CAFE collection featuring several nods to Bristol's iconic stomping ground, Lloyds Amphitheatre, it only makes sense that the DC Shoes- and Skate Cafe-affiliated legends, Josh Arnott and Layth Sami, headed down there to run some victory laps in the new gear. Arnott brings the ledge-based trickery with some top quality linework while Layth takes his immaculate flatground game to the iconic Lloyds three-block. 

The bar for filming at Lloyds has been set pretty high over the years with incredible parts like Mike Arnolds' 'Lloyds' part, as well as frequent pastings from turbo legend Bear Myles, establishing the gold standard of lines you can come up with at the spot. Despite this, Josh and Layth still manage to lay down some serious hammers, like Josh's hectic gap to lipslide both ways. They even snuck in a couple of tasteful nods to DC's past with some Love Park-esque barrier stunts, including a distinctively 90s switch back tail in the DC 'Kalis OG CAFE' shoes, for some added nostalgia.

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