Turbo Diesel

by Mike

'Whoa, what even is skateboarding these days?' - Raven Tershy (2018)


Only '90s kids will remember this

It's been a while since we dropped one of these. But you know, good things come to those who something something. A lot of real good shit has happened since our last Links post. Spit's Winter Wonder Jam was obv's the best post Christmas pre-New Years party. Jim brought a Chinese restaurant (more on that in the future 😉), the Lost Art boys came down and tore Spit a new one. Oh yeah, and Cafe, Sour and DGK dropped three fucking excellent videos on the same day. What a time to be alive.

New arrivals: Skateboard Cafe Winter '18 range, all new CSC clothing and Phil Morgan decks, new Handy Winter '18 collection, fresh Blast & Heroin garms, Girl X Kodak decks, all new decks from Krooked, Chocolate & Zero, new Severn headwear and we finally got Dickies in.

I know it's only February, but I think its safe to say that the Sour video is video of the year. Simon does a motherfucking street loop in it. If you're not impressed by this video then please get out of here and don't let the door hit you on your way our. kthnxbye

It's no secret that Dom Henry's a CSC favourite. The guys a total footage weapon, and definitely a thinking mans skater. Afterbang is a beautiful mix of old and new footage. A little summit to tide you over until the new Cafe video drops.

Jacopo heads to the hills for an Italian style GX part.

James Capps dropped a heavy new part for Lakai. Also has lots of the other Lakai guys as a little reminder as how stacked their team is. Time for a new video?

Check off your SF footage fix with Gridlock 2.

If you like Brian Jonestown Massacre and good skating and VX footage then you'll like Lovesick's newest edit.

New full Stevie Perez part? Yes, that would be lovely.

That pool is way too big. Getting anxiety just looking at it.

Full length viddy from Magenta, Balade is highly watchable. Fresh Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Glen Fox, Gunez Ozdogan and more. Free also have a write up and pretty pictures to go with it.

WKND got some new future former am's.

Jenkem teaches you all about the best gear life hacks, and also grilled Fabiana Delfino on what it's like coming up as a girl skater these days.

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