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Following on from Welsh Tommy's Top 5, we thought we'd keep it west of Cardiff by getting Seven head honcho Rhys Tweek to take us through 5 of his favourites.

Tweek's on the right 😉

Tweek's one of the best heads in Welsh skateboarding. A true ledge in every sense. One of the nicest guys this side of Guto, complete heart of gold and hilarious too. After sending us his Top 5 choices, he immediately followed it up with this.

Tweek used to regularly be travelling from Bridgend up to Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and MK, putting in the driving miles and stacking clips along the way and featuring in countless videos like Underexposed, Who?, and No Time Like The Present to name a few. You're more likely to find him at Ashmore these days though. But never forget, he once BS flipped and halfcab flipped Sports Cafe in the rain. You ever tried skating Sports in the rain? Cos it's definitely not fun.

Tweek's Top 5 is pretty heavy on the early 2000's parts, but that's the best era of skating right? PS Sorry we took so long posting this! 

Mark Appleyard - Sorry

Has to be the best for me, ground breaking when it dropped and still is to this day. Steeeeez. Tapped me on the shoulder at MACBA with his pimp stick and said 'wad up gangstar'. True story haha.

Josh Kalis - The DC Video

GGGGGG, reminds me of Tommy. Loved this part, always hyped me to skate. Had the shoes, the trou, loved the lungers. Just didn't have the switch heels. Classic part, still love it.

Paul Rodriguez - In Bloom

Koston says it all, manufacturing tricks out like a conveyor belt. That's heavy. Such a sick part, I used to watch this every day. Way too easy for him. Dope song too, went straight on my playlist.

Tom Penny - Menikmati

This part is just well.....mega steez! Just wish I could frontside flip like Penny. Such a dope part, one of the best in the game hands down.

Austyn Gillette - Austyn Unlimited

Really good part, everything is down savagely good. Popped to fff and back, makes me want to skate. Good vibes, reminds me of being in Barcelona skating and smashing the largs.

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