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Kevin Patrick Barry. KPB. Keving. Cefn. Ol' Dirty Barry. The man with many names. What's there to say about Kev? Apart from the fact that he's one of the raddest guys and an excellent host (cheers for the Barca hook up last week mate, knucks). 

Photo: JC

Photo: Craig Dodds

Kev has probably holds the record for the most amount of tricks ever done on Mean Street Banks and his joint part with Rhys Whaley in Nick Richards' Hologram vid is truly something special. As is his more recent part in Gaz Leak's Wiki-Leaks. Always bringing the #lols to the sesh, Kev is the man.

Jerry - Bag of Suck

This is hands down my favourite part. Watched it so much Jerry should get a restraining order against me.

Hot Chocolate - Fam

The first two skate videos I got were Dying To Live and Hot Chocolate Tour (greatest hesh / fresh combo ever) watch in full for best results  - "talking mad shit kid!"

Shiloh Greathouse - First Love

Anyone who was on top of their game in 2005 was getting their skate videos, porn and accompanying viruses from Limewire / Kazzaa - found First Love on there! The whole video is banging, but this part sticks out the most for me.

Josh Perrett - Under Exposed

Something local. Neil Young. Dykie behind the cam and that opening line blasting wooden benches going upstream. What's not to like? The whole vid is sick and still holds today! Gibbsy, Tommy and too many to mention wound it in this one.

Lance - Ban This

The internet is paradise for nostalgia and my favourite of the old classic parts has to be Lance in Ban This. I wasn't even born when this was out but skating through the house like that is the fucking hype!

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