Top 5 Shoes with Pedro Mayn


You can sleep soundly now that you're not tossing and turning, worrying about what shoes Ped likes on his feet.

We've actually foolishly been sat on this Top 5 from Ped for ages now. But seeing as the OG Lynx got re-released this week, what better time to drop this bulky-g-boss-cupsole heavy list.

Lakai Linden - Black / Yellow / White / Reflective Accents

I put the Linden high up because they proper bo in a lot of ways and plus, they were the most recent and memorable daps I had in the past 4-5 years. A relatively thin cupsole that had a simple one piece toe that seemed to look quite wide and a sorta fattish tongue. They combined a lot of elements in what I like in a shoe. Lace them up like how Gino did circa 'da 90z' and you would be certified G in many circles across the globe (including Iceland and Svalbard). I went in and bought nearly every colourway from Ric when I found out they were not being made anymore. The 'Killer Bee' colourway needs a comeback, ya hear Carroll? Better yet bring back the Linden's specifically for me actually.

éS Accel - All Black | All Brown | Scuba Colourway

These have been around a while, eh? About as old as I am, mun! It is one of those daps that are as chunky as some of the lasses you'd see on a night in the valleys, but it is definitely a staple of an effective dap-er-ino. Especially compared to some of the big shoes of the early noughties. Something about this shoe sticks out with it's simple design, that curved panel at the side and that it seems to look dope in nearly every colourway. I'm glad to see they have made a return and I can say they definitely skate as good as I can remember them when I first started skating. I think PJ Ladd basically filmed his entire WHL part in the all brown and all black pairs. Keep 'em coming éS, ya doing good. I know éS tried slimming them down, but the Acel is the boy.

DC Lynx II - Grey / White / Red | All Black | Grey

Now I know a lot of people will say the OG Lynx or at least the Lynx HE as being the better bois, but this is my Top 5, ok? Stay outta it and get your own Top 5, mun. Anyways back on topic; the Lynx II was a pretty dope shoe. They looked 'phat' and were oh-so-nice for flips with the runner toe. I bought boxes of these from numerous people in DS condition. As a kid I couldn't get them as I had a wack shoe size and the only bloody ones seemed to be for girls if I remember. Man ain't wearing no pink, nah. I do remember wanting the grey, white and red pair after seeing Tweek skate them in his Who? part. Proper G daps, mun. Fun Patented Ped Fact for y'all - every pair I had in college, I stood in doggy-doo-doo on my first day wearing them. Why that is, I don't know.

Vans Half Cab - Black / White | Green / White

I like the Half Cabs for a number reasons; you can make them look G (see Stevie Williams), and they still look good even if they're worn out and looking like they're starting to do a Muppets impersonation with it flapping apart. If the Vans shop wasn't too busy selling stinking colourways that even your dad wouldn't buy or boat shoes on their sales racks and sold the Half Cabs like before, they probably would be my go to shoe since I'm so stingy.

DC Kalis 1 - White / Grey / Red

I wasn't old enough to skate the late '90s. But I can rock the gear and think like I am in the late '90s, no? One sec...I think my mum paged me. Anyways, a few years back I managed to cop a tidy pair of JK1's and I still rock them from time-to-time. I can tell you they skate like a dream. Like the Lynx and its brothers, the runner toe gives it the 'peng flick' switch for all your tre flips. I mean, it is Kalis' pro shoe and he has the best tre flips in the game, shun. DC had to get some Einstein fella in their laboratories trying to craft the perfect dap to get the flick, board feel and good looks. I know they also had a re-issue recently which were pretty G.

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