Top 5 with Pedro Mayn

by Mike

For this weeks Top 5 we got one of PT's finest, Pedro Mayn to take us on a digital journey through some '90s and early 2000s parts.

Photo: Billy The Trick

Ped's always on a '90s G hype and is an absolutely hilarious fella with a completely surreal sense of humour. Ped randomly sends me things over FB messenger like 'walt disneys bambi', or a picture of talking apples and then says 'I wonder what language Bananas speak'.

A complete one of a kind is this lad. We're all looking forward to his next VX visual treat too.

Photo: James Thomson

Mike Carroll - Questionable

This vid has a plethora of good parts, especially with Pat (The Terminator) and Sheffey...but it's definitely got to be Carroll whose part sticks with me the most. Starting off with that Beastie Boy's odd punk cover of Sly and the Family Stone and a switch front biggie in Embarcadero, I was like ''yeah this is gonna be tight, mayn''. Embarcadero OG. I used to try that back crook noseslide back to crook, but could I get it? Did I 'ell...I think Carroll might have used that grind balance cheat code there, maybe. 

Brian Wenning - Photosynthesis

I always used to think Wenning was goofy and you can see why I thought that in this vid. The compilation of singles that are all switch towards the end. Switch backtail biggie, switch back smeeeth and that switch tre. Dayyyum. Effortless nosegrind pop out combos, many colour ways of the DC Lynx and lots of Love Park ledge goodness. 

Ethan Fowler - Visual Sound

It seemed like Stereo's Visual Sound was one of those videos in the mid 90s that was a proverbial Febreze to a room filled with the stench of a fart in skateboarding. Since the former part of the 90s was filled with over the top trow, tiny wheels and stupid pressure flips that came nothing more than a gnat's ding-a-ling off the floor. Ethan fowler illustrates what is important in skateboarding with this part; simplicity and style. 

Josh Perret - Vapors

This part is the first I seen with my very eyes when I put Vapors on my Doovde player, and it made me keen to skate straight away. Lots of flip in manny bizzles and a good style along with it, Welsh skateboarding at its finest I tell you. Supposedly, according to my top secret source in Swansea council, that nollie heelflip noseslide shut down Castle Gardens that day and they said ''right, enough is enough, skate stop the bloody thing''. And they did, leaving it to be covered in smackhead juice and seagull excrement for the years following.  

Josh Kalis & Stevie Williams - Pigeon

''Yo what the fuck is y'all doing?!'' I could pick any part that I would say ''yeah mayn, that is my fave..nah this one is, for real'' for Josh Kalis, but the combo of Stevie (in his prime) and Josh at Love park is what definitely makes it one of my all time faves. Black Moon bumping, Stevie's 180 fakie nosegrind 180 out and Kalis's tre flip over the 'trash can'?  (known as a 'bin' to us Brits). That shit is sicker than the flu.  

Bonus: Ricky Oyola - Eastern Exposure 3

I had to include this one, this is just so well put together and it demonstrates proper street skateboarding; pushing down the streets, popping off curb cuts and skating up walls 'n shit. Ricky is legit. 'Nuff said. 


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