Top 5 Parts with Jake Knight

by Dan Bunn

YOOOOOOO!!!!!! We've got an extra special Top 5 Parts today, it's ya boi Jake Knight from Knight Vintage, Cardiff's finest dealer of premium handpicked vintage garments. 

Jake's been a good friend of the shop since the OG City Surf days, back before KV when he was known for his long-ass ginger hair and epic boardslide shuvs. A certified Cardiff legend up there with the likes of Happy Days and Ninjah, have a gander below to find out which parts made him the man he is today. Love ya Jake. SAFE!

Jake Knight from Knight Vintage

Stevie Williams - DC Video, 2003

First Skate video I ever watched. Watched this on repeat. Some insane street parts from Kalis and Brian Wenning and then the nuts Danny Way part at the end.

Bryan Herman - Baker 3, 2005

This video was huge for me during my high school years. The crazy hijinx and nuts street skating of this video made me want to skate fast, grow my hair and listen to Ozzy😂

Zoo York - Mixtape, 1998

Couldn’t pick a part from this video, but with the raw New York footage mixed in with the Hip Hop freestyles, there's nothing quite like it. As a 14 yr old emo kid, this introduced me to a lot of the hip hop I listen to today.

Chris Jones - Atlantic Drift New York, 2017

The Welsh GOAT. Insane style, trick combos are mad, and 93’ Cardiff City Shirt featured.

Etienne Gagne - Alltimers 'No Idea', 2018

One of the most recent skaters to get me excited to skate. Etienne's flawless style and effortless trick steez is why he’s one of my favourite skaters right now.

Honourable Mentions

Ishod Wair, Bobby De Keyzer, Tristan Funkhouser, and Kevin Rodrigues. Plus Pretty Sweet for the soundtrack.

That's enough chit-chat though. Make sure you head down to the shop on Sunday to check out our extra special Black Friday Sale event with Knight Vintage, grab yourself a delicious lager from Bacareto, and get your hands on some of the best vintage clobber and skate gear on the market for ridiculously low prices. You really don't wanna miss this one. If you wanna look like Jake, check out his Top 3 picks from CSC to find the freshest pieces we have in-store approved by Mr KV himself. Safe.

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