Top 5 Pants Adjustments

Dan Bunn

Here at CSC, we care about trousers. Join us as we celebrate our most beloved item of clothing by honouring some of the most iconic times skaters have adjusted their pants mid-line. 

Wade DesArmo

Arguably one of the most influential figures in the sphere of trouser readjustment, Wade D is probably largely responsible for the majority of modern pants hiking trends. I mean when you can skate like him you can make pretty much anything look dope. Wade has long championed both pre- and post-trick pants adjustment - despite claims that he only recently invented the post-trick hike - and he's still holding it down in his most recent part in Primitive's 'Define'.

Peter Smolik

This one's an easy one. I mean, the first trick in the part is an epic slow-mo pants adjustment. Smolik comes through with some impeccable trou and trick selection delivering a load of insane tech and iconic bangers. Those 270 slide variations are still incredible to this day. Plus, you can't really argue with the pants adjustment when your trou are that big. Legendary shit.

Kareem Campbell

A true icon of the pants adjustment game, Kareem has some of the most memorable trouser fiddles of all time. He tops the list of most pants adjustments in one line with a whopping four times! Now that's dedication to the sag. This part also includes (one of) Kareem's legendary mid-line pager checks - the mystery surrounding which has since been unravelled by the Quartersnacks team: apparently his Mrs was pregnant with Kareem Jr. so he had to keep checking his pager to make sure she wasn't going into labour. Although in this instance it was just his homie, hence him carrying on the line.

Paul Rodriguez

P-Rod brings the style and sag in his legendary part from Girl's 'Yeah Right'. While the part features more single hammers than lines, the majority of these lines involve some form of pants adjustment. He's still holding down the pants hike over 20 years later too, even if his levels of sag have somewhat diminished. It seems like he's getting back on track now though.

Spencer Hamilton

A modern champion of the pants hike, Spencer Hamilton spends more time adjusting trousers than a professional tailor. In his ‘Vancouver’ part he hikes his trousers in almost every single clip, which makes it seem like a compulsion at this point. Not gonna lie though, I don’t think his levels of sag are sufficient to justify the extent of his pants adjusting. Step it up Spenny.

Honourable Mentions

Keenan Milton

One of the most beloved styles of all time. The fact that the switch flip back tail clip ends on a pants adjust is nothing short of biblical. RIP.

Jack Steele

The best in the (Haverford) West. You've heard of Tom Penny's invisible shuv, now bear witness to Jack's invisible pants adjustment. J-Steez is no stranger to a pants hike but the slow-mo does him no favours this time round as the review shows there is minimal adjustment of the trou. Think VAR's gonna have to disallow this one. Trick was absolute butter though, fair play.

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