Top 10 with Rod Mullaney (Part 2)

And we're back with Part 2 of Rod's Top 10. Check out Part 1 here.

So the second part of Rod's Top 10 is pretty 411VM heavy. Any of you kids born after '95 probably don't have a clue what 411 is/was. So let Rod take give you a history lesson.

Daewon Song - Best of 411 Vol. 4

This is 20 years old now and most of the footage was already a year or two old when it came out, fucking mind bending as this would be a last part today. Primetime Daewon, picnic tables galore and that really weird blonde haircut he was rocking at the time, also a banger from EPMD keeping it rolling.

Steve Olson - Fulfill The Dream

Even though looking back upon 15 year old me watching Fulfill the Dream and wearing FUBU vests and a sideways hat fills me with douche chills, this part stands up as being brilliant, probably because he didn't get too into being dope and just did sick tricks. I was more into Brandon Turner at the time but in retrospect this is the keeper from the video. Whopper Gangstarr soundtrack too.

Danny Wainwright - 411 Profile

Wainwright's video parts never really showed how good he was, probably the best street skater I've ever seen in person, just silly good at everything and super consistent. This is his best part I reckon, he shuts down most of Bristol including that hideous vert ramp and little quarter at Bedminster, the Skitz/Roots Manuva tune hasn't aged too well but was sick at the time.

John Rattray - 411 Rookies

Another one who never got the shine he deserved, at the time he was probably better than most American pros be seemed to go underground when he went over there. Kills everything in this part and then noseblunts Clipper in a Wu Tang Killer Bees Hawaiian shirt. Yes.

Marcus McBride - Pier 7

There are a couple of others who could probably claim to be the king of Pier 7 (Henry Sanchez, Karl Watson, Mike York) but for me Marcus Mcbride was the one. He shuts it down in this and even thought it's a compilation I've stuck it in here. I like how he sounds really fucked off at about 46 seconds cos his wheels dab on the nosegrind. Also the Barry White is perfect.

Right that's ten so I'll put sock in it. There's loads of stuff I forgot cos it's late and I'm old, but maybe I'll do another instalment one day if you're all very lucky...
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