Top 10 with Rod Mullaney (Part 1)

We asked Rod to do a Top 5 with us a while back. He was so stoked that he ended up picking 10 parts. Seeing as this is the tenth Top 5 we've done, we thought it would #keepitfresh to split Rod's choices over this milestone.

Rod is one of the OG Ystrad Mynach skaters, who taught Gaz Leak everything he knows. Rod also used to DJ at all the CSC events, but these days your more likely to catch him in a charity shop finding long forgotten garms which are #sohotrightnow and ready for you to buy now @atelier_miura.

Rod has an extensive skate knowledge, and always has a good explanation to why a video part is amazing, or shit, or important to back up his usually right points. You should treat his list as essential viewing and a lesson skateboard video history.

Mark Baines - Mixed Media

The whole of Mixed Media by Panic/Blueprint is essential viewing but the one of youtube has the music cut and the tunes are half the reason it's amazing. I picked Bainsey as there's only a couple of full parts up and this is excellent, ignore the dubious 90's Nollie Hardlips and there's some gold in this, sick lines and a nollie over a bin at full speed, good stuff!

Jason Dill - Photosynthesis

Okay so this is super obvious but it's for a reason, Dill gets lots of hate but he's not fucking about here, amazing soundtrack (especially Unkle for the intro), skating in Helmut Lang trousers and Cowboy hats and having all round silly pop. Again the whole vid is a treat but he earned the curtains on this one. 

Sidenote - His Vita shoe was the best skate shoe of all time. I won't be argued with on this.

Lennie Kirk - Time Code

I always thought the Jesus intro and music was a piss take when I first got this but it features the slam on a bin that apparently turned him towards Our Lord and saviour and a love for crack cocaine. The tune is ridiculously good, he's got cornrows and generally destroys in SF at top speed. If you haven't seen Time Code then check it out as Kalis and Freddy Gall also have whopper parts.

Stevie Williams - Chocolate Commercial

This 26 seconds is better than most people's careers. Do a sick line, grab your cock and balls at the end. Winner.

Tim O'Connor - Third Eye View

I wanted to use his Element World Tour part but it's not online, this is still great though, he does some good only leg bits on mini ramp and has guest tricks from Pancho Moler which is always good.
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