The Week Today, Now - 28/02/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Timecode remastered, Place getting political, and Quartersnacks' #TrendWatch2022.

Fred Gall Alien Workshop Timecode Poster - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Alien Workshop have blessed us all with a high definition upload of their seminal video, ‘Timecode’, with full parts from Josh Kalis, Fred Gall, Rob Dyrdek, Lennie Kirk, and more. This video is one of my all-time favourites and is a certified must watch. Shame you still can’t really see half of Freddy’s footage but it’s a banger all the same.

Obviously everything’s kicking off in Ukraine right now with the recent Russian invasion, but if you wanted to find out a bit more about the human side of the crisis then check out Place Mag’s two-part ‘What Is Going On In Ukraine?’ series where they interview a Ukrainian, and Russian skater to find out their perspectives on the crisis. It's probably going to seem a little outdated now though seeing as the war has actually started. Goes without saying but we’re sending our love to everyone in Ukraine.

Our good mate Yannick up in North Wales has come through with a bangin’ new edit featuring him and the boys making the most of some of North Wales’ less-than-skateable architecture. The boys get creative and show no fear of chipping their boards as they barge through sandy seaside spots and slam themselves into rugged cobbled walls. Respect.

The Krooked Krew head to Chicago for a short-but-sweet clip featuring Bobby Worrest, Una Farrar, Simon Jensen, Teddy Seeley, and Frank Gerwer. Simon Jensen kills it in this one.

Rye Beres has come through with a new full-length Homies video in collaboration with Thrasher, featuring a seriously stacked lineup of legends including Ishod, Wes Kremer, Andrew Reynolds, Grant Taylor, Louie Lopez, and many, many more.

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Serious ‘La Haine’ vibes in ‘Sages Prouesses De La Rue’ (which apparently translates as ‘Wise Street Prowess’), a sick new 10 minute clip out of the French capital featuring Nassim Lachhab, Michael Brunner, Théo Fouques, and more. French hip hop is undeniably hard as fuck.

‘Cliptown USA’ is a bangin’ homie video out of Minnesota featuring Frog legend, Pat Gallaher, alongside Jack Olson, Kevin Braun, and more. Another incredible indie video to add to the list.

After that bangin’ ‘Quicksand’ video from a couple of weeks back, ‘Viko’s Blocks’ is another banger filmed in Croatia, featuring a load of UK legends visiting the country for the 2019 Vladimir Film Festival, including Baglady’s Tom Delion, Daryl Dominguez, Glen Fox, Alex Hallford, and more.

Yet another bangin’ homie vid, this time out of Paris, Derby CC’s ‘Kollegues’ is like the Parisian equivalent of the Ratz videos. With stylings from Felix Baillet, Juan Renoux, Emma Kaidi, Sebastian Mouron, and more, this one’s guaranteed to make you wanna go skate.

Quartersnacks have posted their 2022 #TrendWatch, and the verdict is: stairs are now banks. According to their theory, skating down stairs like it's a bank (i.e. not firecrackering them) is gonna be the hot new trend for 2022, and they might just be onto something.

Quartersnacks stairs are all banks now trendwatch 2022 - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

If watching Don obliterate every spot in Cardiff has got you hungering for more Malaysian skate maestros, then Vans' new video,‘Nusantara’, could just scratch that itch until the next time you see Don switch frontside flipping over drains at Central. Shining a light on the lesser-seen scenes of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, the video features loads of Southeast Asian rippers including Fikri Fauzi, Feroze Rahman, Sharil Effendy, and more.

Learn more about the life of a true OG of the French scene in the ‘Moments’ documentary about Luidgi Gayden, in which he talks about his skating, art, and photography, and of course there’s some clips of him still killing it at the ripe old age of 48.

Naquan Rollings has come through with a new 5-minute clip of the boys on a trip to San Francisco, featuring Picture Show's Moose, Simmeon Perryman, Christian Henry, and more. Keep an eye out for evidence to support Quartersnack's theory of stairs being the new banks.

Wicked Carver, Dannie Carlsen, joins Kevin Baekkel and a load of other Great Danes on a trip to the Danish mainland in 'Jyllandstour'.

Trish McGowan has a new part out for Glue, filled with more laybacks than Hywel skating a reclining chair.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the latest skateboard decks, clothing, and shoes and buy now from CSC, or check out more skate-related content on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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