Fountain X CSC 'SYNERGY' Video


Cardiff Skateboard Club & Fountain are proud to present SYNERGY

A collaborative video to coincide with the highly coveted Fountain X CSC clothing

Hosted by our very good mates at Vague, who also helped us celebrate our Christmas party with the launch of Issue 24 and the premiere of Synergy that no one can remember cos in classic fashion everyone got too excited from the Tuff Pintz set and Don's SOTY crowning.

Head over to Vague to read an interview with Fountain's mastermind, Leo, by Dan Bunn and full photo gallery.

Oscar Evans - BS Flip

Don't forget to check out our Product Spotlight on the Fountain X CSC clothing here.

Head to the shop to browse the full range of Fountain X CSC t'shirts available at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

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