The Week Today, Now - 24/01/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including the return of Globe, Shaun Paul's powerful pop-outs, and more Gifted Hater footy.

Frank Gerwer half and half haircut from King of the Road - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Frank Gerwer sporting an unorthodox trim from his time on King of the Road, shot by Joe Brook. 

The new and improved Globe, led by the one and only Austyn Gillette, has just been unveiled to the world with a four minute part from Mr. Handsome himself releasing alongside their revamped footwear collection. ‘Re Est’ features Austyn alongside Sammy Montano, Aaron Kim, and Mark Appleyard. It’s a solid start for the new Globe and we’re pretty excited to see what’s next to come.

The WKND crew are back with a fun-filled new video, 'Street Fighters 2', featuring all the good homies, incredible spot selection, and plenty of retro video game nostalgia. With full parts from Trevor Thompson and Andrew Considine, who recently became WKND’s newest and oldest pro at age 35, and appearances from Karsten Kleppan, Tanner Burzinski, Nikolai Piombo, Shintaro Hongo, and the rest of the gang, this one’s not to be missed. If you wanna find out more, you can check out Jenkem's quick interview with Grant Yansura and Trevor Thompson, as well as Free's interview with Andrew Considine.

Australia’s answer to Will Marshall, Shaun Paul, has come through with another bangin’ part, this time for DC Shoes. 'NorthUnda' is filled with gangsta fits, lesser-seen tricks, and some absolutely ludicrous pop-outs. This guy’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting skaters right now.

Nick Garcia blows minds in his new part for Element, ‘Flowers for Mom’. Nick pulls out all the stops with his signature blend of technical prowess and creativity, pulling off some absolutely insane ledge and nosebonk combos, while still keeping things fun with quirky bangers tricks like his gorilla grip over a picnic table.

Nick Garcia polejam into the ditch from his 'Flowers for Mom' Thrasher Element skateboard video part - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Nick Garcia goes the distance with this lengthy polejam into the ditch, shot by Kyle Seidler.

In the final instalment of Jenkem and Enjoi's 'Meet The Ams' series, Louie and Jeff link up with Ryan Connors - who you may recognise from some of Pizza's old videos - hitting up his local park in Clairmont, CA and (unsuccessfully) attempting to skate some spots before heading to his local Mexican gaff. Big fan of this guy's style.

Chromeball has blessed us with an interview with all-round legend, Frank Gerwer, in which he spills the beans on his kook-y antics as a youth before delving into his legendary skate career.

After the initial screening at our now infamous Christmas do with the muckas over at Vague, CHPO and Make Life Skate Life's mini-documentary about Beirut's first skatepark is now up on Vague for your viewing pleasure. Big respect to everyone involved with this amazing project.

I’m a simple man: I see something posted by Theories of Atlantis, I watch it. So, it’s no surprise that Alex Yost’s part from ‘Due$ Paid’, posted by Theories on Wednesday, is an absolute treat. Full to the brim with spots that are crusty enough to give you road rash just by looking at them, even Fred Gall would probably turn his nose up at some of these stinkers.

The Loophole boys assault the streets of SF in their new video 'City Home' with long, flowy lines and loads of night footage, expertly captured by the masterful VX-manship of Zach Chamberlin. Catch the video alongside an interview with Zach over on Free to find out more about one of the most exciting new wheel companies.

Chris Athans polejam nosegrab from Loophole's 'City Home' video, shot by Joe Madrigal - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Chris Athans keeps things interesting with a polejam nosegrab, shot by Joe Madrigal.

Watch 14 very enjoyable minutes of Gifted Hater, Ryan Lay, Nelly Morville, and a whole bunch of other legends unleashing havoc in a number of different skateparks, alongside some hectic music and editing, in 'There needs to be smoking' by VlogMan4000.

'Til it's gone' is the new full-length video out of New York, filmed by Neema Jorabchi, with bangin' parts from Jasper Stieve, Noah Singleton, Isaac White, and the boys. Most of the skaters might be somewhat lesser-known but I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more from them in the future.

Limosine skater, Santino Gagliarducci, has teamed up with Krooked for a guest artist series, and has hit up the streets of LA with Krooked's Eddie Cernicky in celebration.

The new remix of a Hayden Burns part by Diego Meek may draw you in with it's clickbait title promising prehistoric ursine phalluses, however there's an upsetting lack of furry, old willies. There's some pretty decent skateboarding though so I guess it's forgivable.

'Na Missão' is a short but sweet scene video out of Brazil that will have you deeply pondering what exactly it is that makes Brazilians so freakishly good at skating. That first line is pure butter.

Serious 90’s vibes in Cash Only’s ‘Sponsor Tape’ video, with Aleka Lang and Philly Santosuosso keeping it saggy alongside Adilson Pedro.

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