The Week Today, Now - 20/12/2021

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Conor in Cyprus, the world's first hot sauce skate video, and Gifted Hater hitting the streets.

Conor Charleson tre-flips on a precipitous Cyprus bank, shot by Henry Kingsford - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Conor Charleson tre-flips on a precipitous Cyprus bank, shot by Henry Kingsford.

Edgy London filmer, Grant Dawson, has just released his new video 'got', otherwise known as 'The Yardsale Video 2.0'. The clip features more footage of Yardsale skaters than the 'YS UK' video they released a couple weeks ago, with loads of footage from Jake Church, Kelvinas Litvinas,  and Alex Hatfield, alongside various other London-based stylists like Myles Shankie and... Etienne Gagne? Not sure what ET's doing in a Grant Dawson video, but either way we're grateful for the footy.

Everyone's favourite mischievous skater-turned-filmer, Max Geronzi, has just released his latest full-length video, 'Gronze World'. Gronze and the rest of the boys - including legends like Kevin Bradley, Didrik Galasso, Flo Mirtain and many, many more - assault the streets of Europe, causing absolute carnage everywhere they go in this 40-minute belter that's guaranteed to make you wanna go grab your board and start terrorising pedestrians.

Limosine, the company from the leftovers of 917, have just released 'Paymaster', their first video - featuring Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Genesis Evans, Hugo Boserup, and more - alongside a bangin' collection of decks and clothing. Who wants to see this in the shop?

Lucas and the Hélas boys explore the French capital in their new, heavily manual-oriented video, 'Paris', which features some mind-boggling drop-down mannies from the main man, Victor Campillo. Some new Hélas goodies have just arrived in store too, so make sure you check it out before it's all gone.

Rural spot enthusiast, Jim Craven, has just released a new video filmed in Cyprus, 'The Concrete River', for Grey Skate Mag and Levi's. The clip features CSC shop dragon, Conor Charleson, alongside Charlie Munro, and Mikey Patrick, who come through with some rigorous ditch management.

Conor Charleson front blunt in Cyprus, shot by Henry Kingsford - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Conor Charleson front blunt in Cyprus, shot by Henry Kingsford.

Could this be the world's first hot sauce skate video? 'Lifestyle and Action Sports Video' is the new video from Bob LaSalle's hot sauce company, Satan's Drano, and features some seriously spicy stunts performed by world-class athletes like Etienne Gagne, Jesse Alba, Omar Hassan, and more.

'BLU' is a very pleasant new 10-minute video from Aaron Christoper, who also kicks things off with first part. The video has a nice feel to it, with the editing and song choice complimenting each other well, but Nyle Lovett's part - who you may remember from that bangin' new Theories clip last week - is the icing on the cake.

Newly-crowned SOTY, Mark Suciu, released a tasteful new part for Jenkem filmed on 16mm film, which basically feels like a victory lap after his SOTY win. It's nice that Mark's helping to ween us off his weekly releases, because let's be honest, everyone's bodies would go into shock if we went longer than a week without a new part from him.

Gifted Hater shows off his IRL skills in Wesley Banford's trippy new video, 'Fugitive Light'. The video features a diverse crew of skaters including Ryan Lay, Ariana Mamnoom, and Gifted Hater. While the filming and editing might be divisive, it's safe to say Gifted Hater's pretty handy for an internet nerd.

Another bangin' new video out of Greece, the Screw Loose Fastening Co boys explore Thessaloniki in 'Infect'. The video features a number of Greek legends, including Notis Aggelis who you may recognise from Vans' 'Nice To See You'.

After several of the parts made their way online over the last few weeks, Will Smith's Leeds scene video, 'Assembly' is now available to watch online in full on Vague alongside an interview with Will.

Albie Edmonds ollies into a crusty ditch from 'Assembly', shot by Reece Leung - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Albie Edmonds ollies into a crusty ditch from 'Assembly', shot by Reece Leung.

Free Skate Mag have posted their top 10 videos of the year (a la Quartersnacks) as picked by turbo-legend Ben Powell, which is great if, like us, you can't remember any of the videos that came out before last week.

Combo-connoisseur, Michael Pulizzi, has just joined the Enjoi pro roster. To celebrate the move, they've released his new 'Coronarita' part which features all the usual wizardry you'd expect, along with some extra fun-looking enders. This is skating that'll bring a smile to your face.

Corey Duffel has come through with a full part in, 'Runaway Kites', the new video from his company, Adored Skateboards. Nice to see the Duffman's still going hard as ever.

Instagram sensation, Carlisle Aikens, has just turned pro for Chocolate at the premiere of their new video, 'Bunny Hop'. Keep an eye out for when this gets released over the next week or so.

Skateboarding's lankiest man, Donta Hill, has just released a new part after seemingly disappearing for ages. Wasn't he trying to be a pro boxer or something? Either way the geezer makes handrails look like flatbars; I'm just not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Meme of the week:

Meme by badskatermemes - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club

This is gonna be our last 'The Week Today, Now' post of the year, so to the three people who actually read it, thank you, and have a sick Christmas and New Year from all of us at CSC. Safe! 

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