The Week Today, Now - 20/02/2023

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Tom Knox x New Balance, Ishod Wair x MF DOOM and Gifted Hater x da streetz.

Ishod Wair Fakie Kickflip, photo by Sam Muller - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Ishod with a textbook fakie flip, shot by Sam Muller.

Big shoutout to everyone who swung by the shop for Skate Shop Day on Saturday (especially anyone who bought us a pint) and congrats to everyone who came out with the goodies they wanted. It was sick to see so many people coming through the shop, even if it was just to say hello and check out the exhibition. We had a bangin' day and appreciate the love!

Big fan of Ryan Connors and his new 'Dish Pit' part shows you exactly why you should be too. Powerful style, tasteful trick selection and some of the most ludicrous mannies you'll ever see, all backed up by some brain-smoothening powerviolence. Hook it straight into my veins.

The King is back: Ishod Wair has treated us to a bangin' new part for Spitfire, showing everyone just how easy this shit is for him as he cruises through the streets of LA to the equally effortless rhymes of MF DOOM. Two GOATs for the price of one.

Rio Morishige Backside Kickflip from LENZ III - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Rio Morishige coming through with an insane backside flip at an equally insane spot.

More good shit from Tightbooth's 'LENZ III', Rio Morishige's part features powerful tech and mach-10 lines, all served up with larger than life style and trousers to match.

The internet's busiest skate nerd, Gifted Hater, has ditched the MLG headphones and ventured out into the streets, treating us all to a dedicated 'street part' packed with quick-footed quirkiness and hectic manual combos. More like Gifted Skater, amiright?

Incredible edit from Jacob Harris, as per usual, this time promoting Tom Knox's new colourways for the beloved New Balance 440, in which Tom takes his twinkle-toed technique to some classic Sicilian spots and the streets of South London. Bellissimo.

Austyn Gillette is back with a new video for his brand, Former (AKA Team Handsome), with a load of stylish, new faces at some premium Euro spots. That fakie frontside flip was absolutely bonkers.

Abe Bethel Slappy Crooked Grind - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: The 'greatest curb skater of all time', Abe Bethel, demonstrating a proper slappy crook.

Jenkem have headed down to Miami to catch up with 'one of the best curb skaters in the world', Abe Bethel, to witness his curb-dancing skills firsthand and chat to him about his recently opened shop, Greater Skate Shop.

Gronze videos are always a treat and their latest offering, 'OULALA', is guaranteed to brighten your day thanks to all the usual stylish skateboarding and civilian interactions. 

DC's Stop Fakin' crew are back with another belter of a video, 'Marble Mile', in which the boys seek out obscure crust in between running laps of Pulaski with the local homies putting it down alongside cameos from Bronze-associated legends like Dick Rizzo and Grady Smith, and even a Bobby Worrest appearance.

Another banger from Japan this week, 'Konton' is a very enjoyable scene video featuring a load of Japan's smoothest operators including Shin Sanbongi, Shor West, Rio Morishige (again), Shogo Zama and more.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes and more from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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