The Week Today, Now - 19/06/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Kader on Violet, Quartersnacks in Argentina and a double dose of Dougie George.

Max Palmer and Steve Bell at CPH Open - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Coupla GOATs.

The cat's out the bag: Kader is officially on Bill Strobeck's new brand, Violet, which means we can finally wave goodbye to the chances of him ever having a remotely watchable part. The announcement was made in their new 'Violet in Miami' video which bizarrely only features one Kader clip and is generally a slog to get through despite all the Troy Gipson footy. That's 16 minutes of my life I won't be getting back any time soon.

Get the sour taste of the Violet video out of your mouth with six minutes of Dougie George smoothness in his new part filmed by Quentin Guthrie, packed with buttery backside flips and bonkers mannies made to look even better in the finest Butter Goods garments. But if that ain't enough for you, you can also catch him alongside his brothers, Loz and Luke, in 'Brovid-19'.

Barney Page footy is always a treat but seven and a half minutes of the stuff is basically a gift from the gods. Witness Barney's unique approach as he weaves his way around spots all over the globe with some help from fellow Etnies teammate, Nick Garcia.

Hot off the back of his recent Vans x Vague video, 'Mush', prolific Leeds documentarian, Will Smith, has come through with another belter of a video, 'Weedkiller', featuring a load of his Leeds-based homies like Farran Golding, Josh Blasutto, Mani Haddon and more.

Barney Page Frontside Noseslide, photo by Kyle Seidler - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Barney paying tribute to Rob Welsh, shot by Kyle Seidler.

Norwich's Liam Painter has come through with a new full-length video, 'Between Work, Play and Attention', filmed over 6 years and featuring a load of East Anglian legends including Tom O'Driscoll, Callum Painter and Harry Coward alongside some characteristically hesh clips of our mate Oscar Evans.

Always enjoy Quartersnacks' 'Came For Nothing' tour videos and their latest video, 'Came To Argentina For Nothing', may be their best yet with Etienne Gagne, Diego Todd, Nick Michel, Danny Brady and the rest of the boys hitting up a load of premium South American spots.

After his clips in the Ace x Theories edit, Nick Rainey is back with his second belter of a part in a month, this time filmed exclusively in his native Detroit with a lovely mix of spots from clean to crusty.

Join the No Hotels lads as they make their way around South America on a three week trip featuring Niels Bennett, Wes Kremer, Rob Wootton and more alongside cameos from some of the local homies.

Dougie George and Quentin Guthrie Double Polejam - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Quentin Guthrie with a definite filmer NBD.

Quartersnacks have said farewell to Croydon's iconic Fairfield ledges with a bangin' compilation of old Dom Henry footage with no shortage of technical hammers. 

Experience the chaos of Sheffield's annual NSD Gauntlet as part of the NSD x Noise Annoys weekender complete with hair-raising hillbombs and hardcore punk. Good shit.

Jordan Lightowler has come through with a load of stylish Bristolian bangers and wholesome nature clips in his new part for Grey Skate Mag.

Catch a load of Europe's finest in the debut video offering from Spain's new Farside clothing brand including Pol Catena, Matisse Banc, Ibu Sanyang and many more.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest clothing and skateboard decks from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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