The Week Today, Now - 17/07/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including a lesson on the history of EMB courtesy of Ted Barrow, GX1000 in Mexico City and a belter of a part from Harrison Woolgar.

Harrison Woolgar Varial Heelflip over the roof gap, photo by Reece Leung - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Harrison Woolgar roof hopping, shot by Reece Leung.

Big shoutout to everyone who made it down to Carve Wicked's 'Old Skool Nokia' premiere on Saturday, sick to see so many people coming out to support a local brand, especially if you also ended up trying to drink a pint through a sausage... Safe to say Callaghan's wasn't prepared for that level of shenanigans. 

Harrison Woolgar continues to amaze with his ability on the board and the sheer size of his trousers in his new part for O.W.L., 'Somnium', with help from the homies: Ellis Gardiner, Cal Dawson and Alfie Sexton. Everything about this video is incredible, from the spots and skating to the music and editing, but we wouldn't expect anything less from the O.W.L. crew. Harrison kills it.

Been a fan of Brayan Albarenga for a while now and his latest part neatly encapsulates why you should be too. Brayan delivers enlightened trick selection with absolutely pristine style, bringing some serious flavour to the streets of Barcelona. Seems like a good excuse to rewatch his last part with Yoryo as well.

Whole lotta heartwarming, homie-cam goodness in the new Quad Bolt Co. video featuring an absolutely stacked line-up of Merseyside-associated Joneses, like Vaughan, Rauiri and Guy, as well as some A-list cameos from the likes of Stefan Janoski and Silas Baxter-Neal wishing Vaughan a happy birthday. Good shit lads!

Extremely stylish stuff from the lens of our mate Jimmy Silv, 'headshot' features a load of the finest heads HUF UK has to offer as they lay waste to London and Leeds with standout performances from Cass Doig and Ben Keegan.

Ted Barrow takes us through the history of San Francisco's iconic Embarcadero plaza for the first episode of his new 'This Old Ledge' series. There's some really interesting stuff in this but be warned: you might actually learn something.

GX1000 in Mexico - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
San Francisco looks kinda different.

Join the GX1000 boys on their trip to Mexico City as they seek out hills that are even more crusty and minging than their home turf of San Francisco. You really do not wanna slam on some of these.

Jussi Kähkönen comes through with silky smooth skating and even smoother jazz in his new part for MyFavouriteThings, alongside some next level colour coordination in that first clip. Is it just us or does it feel like this part's trying to seduce us?

The Bunt are back with another barn-burner of a skate jam - complete with an actual burning barn - to remind the world that nobody does events like the Canadians. 

Brianna 'Dutchy' Delaney has come through with a short-but-sweet new clip for Grand Collective, showcasing her buttery style at a load of Euro spots.

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