The Week Today, Now - 07/03/2022

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including a new Poetic Collective full-length, Shane Farber blowing minds, and the seriously stacked new clip from Miles Griptape.

Jordan Thackeray Kickflip Channel Gap, photo by Alex Pires - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Jordan Thackeray floats a kickflip over a hefty channel gap in his new part, photo by Alex Pires.

If you missed our premiere a couple of weeks ago, Poetic Collective’s latest full-length video, ‘Clouds’, is now up online to enjoy in full. Expect plenty of mind-boggling tricks from Samuel Norgren and the rest of the crew. This one’s an absolute masterpiece.

Pass~Port’s Nike SB contingent - including Josh Pall, Jack O’Grady, and Jason Rainbird alongside Raph Langslow, Noah Nayef, and more - head deep into the Australian mountains to test out the new Nike SB x Pass~Port Dunk in all sorts of weather conditions. The endless stream of bangin’ videos out of Australia doesn’t seem like it’s gonna stop any time soon.

Jordan Thackeray soars round skateparks, DIYs, and street spots in the UK, Europe, and beyond in his new part, ‘Pre-Op’, which he filmed in the lead-up to his hip surgery. There’s some hectic footage of some of the covers he’s had over the past few years including his ludicrous back noseblunt at the Deaner. The man’s a wizard.

Shane Farber has an incredible new part out for Converse featuring some of the tastiest trick selection you’re ever likely to see. From quick-footed stunts at cutty curb-based spots to ride-on rail devastation, the part is an absolute rollercoaster from start to finish. This makes another one of our ‘Top 5 skaters to watch out for’ coming out with bangin’ parts in 2022 already.

Shane Farber Wallride Frontside 5-0, photo by Michael Burnett - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Just one of the many head-scratchers from Shane Farber's new part. Frontside Wallride to 5-0, shot by Michael Burnett.

Tom Knox, Nik Stain, Louie Lopez, Eric Koston, Rowan Zorilla, Shane O’Neill. Don’t think I need to say anything more than that, just hurry up and watch the new Miles griptape video.

The fellas over at Welcome chatted with the one and only Dan Magee to find out his thoughts on what makes a full-length in the current climate and what makes a good scene video. This one’s definitely worth a read.

Felipe Bartolome fills the GX1000-shaped hole in our lives with his new hillbomb-heavy part, ‘Perro Sismico’. Felipe charges down some hectic Mexican hills with some extremely lovely cameos from Remy Taveira, Cambrian Sedlick, and more. Stoked to see Felipe back on the board.

Back in the depths of lockdown in 2020, Joel Peck and the Low Flying Birds crew attempted to make the most of the restrictions by hunting for fool's gold hidden among the shitty spots that had been made more accessible due to the lockdown. Have a read of the article on Free and check the video for a thorough lesson on how to make the most of a pretty shitty hand.

Nils Brauer Ollie in Lichtenberg - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Nils Brauer ollies into an absolutely perfect set-up in Lichtenberg, photo by Joel Peck.

Spanky delivers the goods in his new part, ‘Horses’, filled with hectic wallie tricks and lovely cameos from some of the Baker boys as well as legends like Andrew Allen and Jerry Hsu.

Following up on his full-length, ‘Til It’s Gone’, Neema Joorabchi is back with another bangin’ New York edit with a nice mixture of street and park footy, featuring Picture Show’s Jasper Stieve alongside Noah Singleton, Tyler Vrckovnik, and more.

If you’re looking for something wholesome, check out Jago Stock’s new mini-documentary about Freedom Skatepark in Kingston, Jamaica that Concrete Jungle Foundation helped build, and how it’s helped support the local community since it was completed a year ago. So sick seeing skateboarding having such a positive impact.

Extremely stylish edit out of Japan from the Tightbooth boys. Some of those ‘fits are next level.

Meme of the Week:

Rob Dyrdek Gifted Hater Swag Tier List Meme by Hemmy - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
@hem_me_e 👑

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