The Week Today, Now - 07/02/2022

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Carhartt's first full-length, Girl and Emerica tour videos, and Spunkside on the big screen.

Romain Batard and Notis Aggelis from Carhartt Inside Out Video - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Romain Batard filming Notis Aggelis from the Carhartt video.

The first full-length video from Carhartt WIP is now online to watch in full with a heavy line-up of Euro legends - including Felipe Bartolomé, Rémy Taveira, Ollie Lock, and Ibu Sanyang - hitting the streets of Madrid, Milan, London, and Paris.

It's a good week for tour videos with Girl hitting up the Southwest and the Emerica boys assaulting the East Coast. People moan about everyone dressing the same with all the baggy jeans and 90's nostalgia fits, but the Emerica team seems like it has a pretty strict uniform policy, what are the odds they all play guitar and listen to stoner rock too? If someone ever holds a gun to my head and asks me to tell some of these dudes apart, tell my family I love them.

As if having a part in Welcome's upcoming full-length wasn't enough, Dale Starkie has just come out with a short-but-sweet part filmed throughout the UK with some lovely cameos from Will Sheerin, Blinky, Zeta Rush, and Jack Hackleton. Dale seems like such a nice bloke that you hate seeing him slam, just makes you want to give him a hug.

CSC Shop Dragon and champion of gut-positivity, Jake Collins, joins Ben Broyd and Jordan Thackeray on a transition-heavy tour round the UK for Vans Europe. Keep an eye out for some hectic bangers at Penarth's infamous DIY, Spunkside. At least somebody's skating it.

Jake Collins frontside wall bash from the Vans Europe Almost Landlocked Tour Video, shot by Rob Whiston - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Jake Collins with a hefty frontside wall bash, shot by Rob Whiston.

Lovely new offering out of Stockholm in the shape of the Betony crew's 26th video, 'Betony 26', featuring shop favourites Axel Berggren and Poetic Collective's Simon Kallkvist (seen sporting their delicious trou) alongside the rest of the homies.

It seems like everything coming out of Australia at the moment is guaranteed to be a treat, and the first offering from new Aussie brand, croons theatre, is no exception. The video starts out with a touching tribute to their homie Wade Thompson (and a somewhat less touching tribute to Steve Jobs) before the boys bring home the bacon, with full parts from Ben Hennessy and Gary Almeida alongside cameos from some of Down Under's finest like Jack O'Grady and Shaun Paul.

Brian Wenning I mean Aleka Lang has a new part out for DC Shoes with some seriously saggin' trou, arms-down steeze, and plenty of 90's nostalgia. Sorry gym lads but Aleka's lanky, hunchback style is what peak physical performance looks like.

Sour Solution have announced their third full-length video will be coming out at the end of March, which is a very solid reason to keep on living.

'Skate Sisterhood' is a new short film from Deimante Sprainaityte, released in conjunction with Esther Sayers and Amanda Fordyce’s ‘Skater Girlhood’ feature in Grey, which aims at shining a light on the female skate community.

Skater Girlhood at Hackney Bumps, shot by Amanda Fordyce - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Skater Girlhood in action at the Hackney Bumps, shot by Amanda Fordyce.

Kyle Geldert documents the next generation of California talent in his new video, 'driveby'. If you enjoyed Michael Nicholas' 'Untitled' and you've been craving some extremely talented shrimp then feast your eyes on these pubescent savages.

The sid boys charge through Czech Republic and Slovakia in their new video, 'DVA', showing off some of the finest spots Eastern Europe has to offer, as well as a lovely Stalin Square section in the middle. Take me back.

More goodness out of Japan this week with Plant Griptape welcoming York Seijo to the squad in their new video, 'York'. I wonder what it is about Japan that makes the country a breeding ground for stylish, creative, and seemingly nocturnal skaters. Either way the endless stream of bangin' videos from the country is an absolute treat.

One of the teachers from the legendary Bryggeriet skate school, John Dahlquist, has come through with a hefty part alongside cameos from some of his former students like Heitor Da Silva. Now we just need to convince Christian to do a comeback part.

Akobi Williams' 'TS1000' part for Glue Skateboards feels like the kind of dumb YouTube video you end up watching at 3AM with its ADHD-inducing editing and song choices.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to check out the latest skateboard decks, clothing, and accessories and buy now from CSC. Safe.

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