Video Daze - Carhartt 'INSIDE OUT'

Mike Ridout

Get yourself hyped for the Saturday session with Carhartt's first full-length video, starring some of the most exciting European skaters in the game.

It's safe to say Carhartt WIP are some of the finest purveyors of trou in the game right now and their first full-length video, 'INSIDE OUT', stands up to their immaculate reputation. With a seriously impressive line-up of legends who decimate the streets of Europe with their unconventional approach, this Euro-centric video probably isn't what you would've expected from an American workwear brand like Carhartt, with the video lacking any clips filmed in the States and only featuring two American skaters, Max Palmer and Eddie Cernicky. The full lineup consists of: Notis Aggelis, Felipe Bartolomé, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Joseph Biais, Eddie Cernicky, Amélien Foures, Nicolas Gisonno, Roman Gonzalez, Samu Karvonen, Alexey Krasniy, Oliver Lock, Josh Pall, Max Palmer, Ibu Sanyang, Maité Steenhoudt, Rémy Taveira, Pietro Tirelli, Sylvain Tognelli, Tolia Titaev, Eetu Toropainen, and Armand Vaucher.

I was a big fan of Carhartt's last offering, in which they introduced Rémy Taveira to the team alongside a montage featuring the rest of the crew, with some extremely enjoyable song choices and editing, so my expectations were high when I heard they had a full-length in the works. 

Despite these high expectations, 'INSIDE OUT' still managed to impress with its carefully curated aesthetic and refreshing take on what makes a skate video. While the video has a montage-y feel to it, it's loosely split into sections in different European destinations, starting off in Madrid before moving to Milan, London, and finally Paris, with the carefully selected B-roll helping to masterfully capture the unique feel of each location. London in particular has some poignant B-roll - some of which looks like it was taken straight from 'This Is England' - with juxtaposing scenes of isolation and camaraderie highlighting the duality of city life and how it can often feel lonely despite the constant presence of people. 

Whether they're skating hidden back-street gems in lesser-seen European cities or finding NBD lines at popular spots, the Carhartt team show off their creativity at every opportunity, but what else would you expect from a video with Felipe Bartolomé, Sylvain Tognelli, and Max Palmer. The fact Felipe could go to the London Bridge 10-stair - a spot that's been skated for so long that Pirate Man is said to have got a trick on it back in prehistoric times - and do something that nobody has ever seen, and few would ever have considered is a seriously impressive feat without even considering how horrible it must be trying to lipslide a slanted ledge like that.

From Felipe's insane lipslides to Rémy Taveira's mind-boggling ender, 'INSIDE OUT' will definitely have you rewinding the clip to try to figure out what you just witnessed on more than one occasion. But the creativity doesn't just translate as arty or trendy skating, even though there's plenty of that. Ibu Sanyang has some of the most enjoyable footage in the video with his freakish pop allowing him to exploit spots in ways that few others would have the legs for. Whether he's sailing up stair sets, over handrails, or onto chest-high ledges, he spends more time on the top ropes than Jeff Hardy. In total, he skates up a whopping 23 stairs (one of them's a chunky three block but let's just count it as a 6), and that's not including everything else he floats over - including rails, blocks, benches, and even a motorbike - or any of the obscenely high ledges he finds his way up on to.

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