The Week Today, Now - 06/11/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Shintaro Hongo wizardry, Nick Boserio going full speed and the return of Thrasher's Ripper at Clipper.

Gabriel Summers with a Darrell Stanton tribute while dressed as Chad Muska from Thrasher's Bust Or Bail Ripper at Clipper 2, photo by Mike Burnett - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Gabriel Summers showing his age with a Darrell Stanton tribute trick while dressed as the Muska, shot by Mike Burnett.

Thrasher's Bust or Bail is back for their second 'Ripper at Clipper' as all your favourite skaters done their finest Halloween costumes and unleash havoc on the iconic San Francisco hubba, including a bangin' Darrell Stanton tribute from Gabriel Summers while dressed as Muska. Definitely one for the old heads.

Shintaro Hongo comes through with his distinctively Japanese brand of bonkers skating in his part from the new 'Timescan 2' video, taking his quick-footed creativity to new levels on spots big and small. That ender's an absolute joke.

After their incredible 'TURN RIGHT' video from a couple of years ago, the French Ace Trucks contingent are back with another banger of a video, 'RE(PLAY)CE', featuring Amélien Foures, Andrea Dupre, Edouard Depaz, Victor Campillo and many, many more.

Shintaro Hongo Wallie One Foot Tail Grab, photo by @thisis31 - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Shintaro Hongo with a far more modern wallie one-foot tail grab.

You've definitely seen his hectic train station clip plastered all over Instagram but there's even more where that came from in Nick Boserio's new OJ Wheels clip as he lobs himself at a wide variety of Aussie spots with heaps of secky presh.

Boston's Orchard skate shop are back with another belter of a video, this time bidding farewell to one of the city's most iconic destinations, the Copley Fountain skate spot, with a mixture of contemporary and archival footage featuring the likes of Brian Reid, Brianna Delaney, Sean Evans, Connor Noll and countless others.

Despite what the name suggests, 'Not Dylan Jaeb' is in fact a new Dylan Jaeb part which features the usual pristine technical wizardry from the reformed skatepark addict as he channels some serious Mike Mo energy.

Dylan Jaeb Switch Pop Shuv - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Dylan Jaeb floating a switch pop shuv.

After most of the parts made their way online last year, Zach Sayles bangin' indy video, 'Veil', is now online for you to enjoy in full with parts from Matt Militano, Neil Herrick, Carson Reuther and many more.

Heroin Skateboards have treated us to a bangin' new video welcoming Swampy and Nolan to the team as they tackle all manner of tight transition with trick selection that's as wacky as their shapes.

Cardiff young gun, Jacob Price, has come through with a bangin' new part making light work of a load of spots round Cardiff and Bristol, including a hectic hardflip at Sports. Good shit mate!

More French goodness for your eyeballs, Antoine Laurent brings the hammers in his 'Ça y est!' part, demonstrating some exceptionally proper backside 360 form.

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