Product Spotlight - New Helas Summer Clothing

Helas have come through with even more summery bangers for you to enjoy with some heavy nautical themes that are guaranteed to instantly transport you to a tropical beach.

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The second instalment of Helas' summer collection has just landed in store with even more premium, water-themed garments to get you kitted up for your holidays. Complete with new tees, a nautical-themed cap, and some Lucas Puig-esque swimming trunks, Helas have got everything you need to make the most of the good weather.

Helas Tees

While Helas have been keeping things pretty classy with their T-shirt graphics recently, they've flipped it on their head this time with a light-hearted new design that you're probably gonna find extremely relatable. The Helas 'Buoy' T-Shirt comes in Black or Cobalt and features both a chest and back print depicting a cheeky looking chap lounging in an upside down umbrella and sipping what I'm gonna imagine is a rum and coke, alongside a pretty futuristic new Helas logo. I dunno about you but I think I need to be more like this guy.

Helas Buoy T-Shirt (Cobalt) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Helas Caps

Continuing with the sea-faring theme, the Helas 'Nautique' 6 Panel Cap features one of the most unique designs we've seen in a while. Helas have fully committed to the maritime vibes by adding embroidery of naval flags onto the front of the cap - and guess what, the flags spell Helas. Mind. Blown. It doesn't stop there though, the cap also features a unique construction of alternating black and light khaki panels to further set it apart from the competition. They ain't called Helas Caps Club for nothing.

Helas Nautique 6 Panel Cap (Black / Light Khaki) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Helas Swimming Trunks

To top it all off, Helas have also blessed us with possibly the most tech swimming shorts to ever exist, but what else would you expect from them? The Helas 'Bello' Shorts are jam-packed with life-improving details that are guaranteed to get you hyped, from zipped pockets to an internal stash pocket, these bad boys have got everything you need for a day lounging on the beach. Can't guarantee the stash pocket will keep your weed dry while your swimming though so someone might have to take the hit and test it out. The Helas Bello swimming shorts come in a sleek black colourway with red and blue spliced mesh side panels for a tasteful bit of accenting.

Helas Bello Swimming Shorts (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store


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