Return of the Sun


Keep counting them blessings that the sun's still poking it's head out in the middle of fucking October.

We finally got a poster and premiere sorted for Washer II. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Speaking of premieres, in true Cardiff skateboarding fashion, the Wavy vid is now postponed again until this Friday. 

New arrivals: we pulled our fingers out and managed to finally sort out the the two tees you've all been waiting for. The Arnie and Drunk at Bute tees are out now!

The Girl premiere last Friday was a right laugh, the video's amazing and the soundtrack is spot on and the full thing just dropped on the youtubes, Carroll's still got one of the best flicks in the game. Just incase you forgot. The Element video on the other hand has outstanding skating, but probably better watched on mute.

Damn son, where'd you find this? New Bronze video *air horns* got us shook. Contender for video of the year for sure. Village Psychic quizzed filmer JP Blair about the video too.

Alltimers take a trip to New England, wound some parks, Dr. Z does one of the most textbook kickflips.

Jenkem sat down with the guy who created the D3, also known as the worlds biggest shoe, that now ASAP Rocky and every #trendsetter #influencer thinks is the best 'skate rave' shoe.  

Who is Billy Dravenport? This part's four years old, but will still hold up ten years from now.

Tom Delion gets loose in Teddie.

All the best shit to ever go down at Pier 7, minus Yorkatron's spin to praying monk ender.

Slap .gif that had us smiling most this week

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