Always Meet Your Heroes

by Mike

Never be afraid to meet your heroes.

Reid's Skate for Palestine event at Spit on Saturday was sick. A top laugh with lots of booze had by all, with some hammers from Sean, Kev, Nick Jones, Lewys Watkins, and little'uns Jack and Gabe. Big up yourselves.

Reid ended up raising £172 on the day, and there's still time to chuck him a couple of quid on his Go Fund Me. Keep your eyes open for the edit coming soon.

New arrivals: fresh decks from Polar, some Mental wheels from Wayward, what everyone's been waiting for - Bones STF Blanks, a re-up of Harry Deane's pro model, Spitfire Lil' Bighead caps, Indy caps and all new bits from Handy.

Jacky Jacky is 20 minutes of Scandi-Euro madness from the eyes of Phil Zwijsen. Also, can we have more Lana Del Rey in videos plz?

Betamaximum; Palace boys out in Hawaii. Features VHS camera footage, SP's best stuff in about 10 years, Lucas being the best at being French and guest stuff from Arto. Worth getting the kettle on for.

Feels like WKND have a new edit out every month, but no complaints here. Stories won't leave you disappointed, and furthers the rise of plaza skating...if a carpark counts as a plaza. It kinda does, right?

I don't think you're ready for Austyn's rough cut, might get a bit emotional.

The Fifty Fifty boys had a good Go Bong Lording Day. That pump track is well fun!

More footage from Tidy Mike of Dannie Carlsen wounding the CPH Wonderland Bowl.

Michael Mackrodt racks up a full part in 11 days in Fishing Lines 2. 2018 Trend prediction: concept parts with sequels.

OHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH QS and Dime dropped a remix of your new favourite Bart Simpson-ing skater.

The Paris resurgence continues with Pizza serving up the goods. That boardslide into the bank is fully mind fucking.

This is mental.

King of the Road's started, and it still pretty entertaining despite Andy Roy. Hey Vice, you gonna be hosting them all on Youtube? Cos that would be cool.

You kids still think Jason Dill's the coolest right?

Nike SB X Hockey coming through with the Killshot.


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