Been Graftin'

by Mike

Washer 2 is coming, don't you be worrying about that now kidda.

So lots of actual news this week. Breconise dropped sometime last week. Be sure to check out the edit and photo gallery. Go Skate Day has been sorted; Death Race at Penarth Hills this Sunday. Don't forget your waiver forms! And then on the 30th Reid's hosting a skate jam fundraiser at Spit for his trip out to SkatePal. So keep these dates free for the the most fun you'll have this year.


New product: super luxurious Louis Vuitton griptape, Indy X Fucking Awesome 149 and 159 trucks. 

Zion Wright comes through with a super heavy Real part. London footage is no joke and the FS flip at St. Pauls got us shook. Alan's Glass managed to get some third angles too.

Unexpected full length video from Primitive. 100% G tech.

Always had Erick Winkowski pigeon holed as a tran skater, turns out he's well handy a street too.

Giddy #07 is full of French goodness with some added Conor.

Theories of Atlantis put together an essay running down the history of skate spots. Required reading for the more #booksmart among us.

Hold Tight Henry's put out another HTL retrospective. 20 Minutes long though, so you might wanna get a cuppa on.

Christian Maaloof turned pro for WKND, and became a true favourite of ours. Probably gonna go in history as the fakie flip king.

Berrics asked Josh Friedberg about the Olympics.

If Gino was a rappper, who would he be? Jenkem answered a question that no one really asked, but we're glad they did.

9 Minutes of raw #jkjhnsn is worth so much more.

Elissa's still got it!

Been watching this .gif all day. Best fakie v-bomb ever? 

The man behind the Cons video and probably the best web part to ever come out, Ben Chadourne did a Top 5 with Quartersnacks.

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