by Mike
Recently a group of Cardiff (and lads from even further afield, like Aberystwyth, Slough and Portsmouth) four wheeled urban warriors went on a magical quest deep into the Brecon Beacons in search of enchanted skate spots and NBD terrain. This is their story.

Deciding that another all day Bute sweat sesh wasn't for them, these brave new-age pioneer's set off on a journey in Lloyds magical mystery bus to the heart of Wales looking for some bits of concrete they'd found on Google Maps. And it was Jake's birthday, and nothing says party quite like skating a super crusty reservoir with a death drop at the end!

Hit that play button to see some rural shredding from Reid Allen, Jake Knight, Lloyd Houston, Jess Young, Dan Bunn, Nick Jones and James Carter. Leo 'You wanna buy some Mountain Wax' Comanescu was the boy with several high GSCE expected grades behind the HD lens and on the editing front. 

Reid and Jess were also wielding their analog celluloid boxes and stealing souls. Keep scroll to see their gallery. Click the images for full size ya dig.

Photo: Reid

Photos: Jess

Photos: Reid

Photos: Jess

Photos: Reid

Photo: Jess



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